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This page is largely to corral some of my more recent talks

(Last Updated 28th November 2011)


'Modelling Parental Occupations and Filial Educational Attainment'

Modelling Key Variables in Social Science Research

Research Seminar,Royal Statistical Society

Thursday 24th November (pm) and Friday 25th November (am) 2011


Connelly et al.

'Social Stratification: The enduring concept that shapes the lives of Britain's youth - Empirical analysis using the British Household Panel Survey',

Stuck in the middle with whom?’ mapping out and making sense of the missing middle of youth studies

BSA Youth Study Group One Day Seminar, Friday November 4th, Imperial Wharf, London


Gayle, V. and Lambert, P. (2011) 'How useful are microclasses? An analysis of detailed parental occupational differences and their effects on filial school attainment in Britain', Modelling Patterns of Social Stratification , ESRC NCRM Lancaster-Warwick-Stirling Node Sociology Strand Research Meeting, University of Stirling. .


Kinky Graphs, AQMeN Local Group Meeting, University of St Andrews, 20thJune 2011

An analysis of detailed parental occupational differences and their effects on children’s school attainment in Britain.

International Sociological Association RC28, Spring Conference, University of Essex , April 13-16.

Paper Talk


‘My old man’s a refuse and salvage collector’ –

Thinking about microsocial classes and the potential relationships between parents and filial educational attainment

6th April 2011 AQMeN Stirling Trinity Term Lecture Series


Mr Chalk the Teacher: What is the relationship between parental occupations and filial educational attainment?

Institute of Education

The Gordon Square seminar, Insitute of Education

9th March 2011


Survey Resources Network Meeting Edinburgh 5th October


INAUGURAL CONFERENCE 22nd/23rd/24th September 2010, Clare College, Cambridge, UK


Centre for Population Change - Southampton 20th September 2010


Social Stratification Conference Utrecht

13th May AQMen Napier University




LANCASTER 18th March


Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy - What is the relationship between parental occupations and filial educational attainment?

Joint Empirical Seminar, Institute for Social & Economic Research, University of Essex

9th December 2009




Mr Bun the bake: What is the relationship between parental occupations and filial educational attainment?

Social Surveys and Social Stratification Research Day

3rd December 2009




Youth Transitions – Future direction for data, methods and theory

 International Conference on Youth Transitions

University of Basel

11th – 12th September 2009


Written paper



Growing Up in the 1990s - An exploration  of the educational experiences of cohorts of Rising 16s in the BHPS

BHPS 2009 Conference

9th-11th July 2009


Written paper

'Escape from Poverty' and Occupations

BHPS 2009 Conference

9th-11th July 2009




ross-Nationally Comparative Social Survey Research
Data on educational qualification in national and cross-national research

Cross-Nationally Comparative Social Survey Research

24th June 2009, Cologne

Cambridge Stratification Meeting 2009




Lancaster April 2009


British Sociological Association Conference

April 2009


SOEP Symposium 2009

The UKHLS Powerpoint

Introduction to the YCS - Strand 3 Modelling chaning values and preferences

Lancaster-Warwick-Stirling Node Research Meeting

(March 2009)


E-science resources for handling data on occupations, educational qualifications and ethnicity – the DAMES and GEODE projects



A brief talk on my research interests - Oxford & ISER meeting

(January 2009)

A talk on the UKHLS & comments on weighting in complex samples

(December 2008)


A talk on marginal models

(December 2008)



Making the most of major Scottish & UK surveys

(November 2008) 

Obviously I didn't choose this title


Some thoughts on stratification

(October 2008)


Individuals in Household Panels: The importance of person group clustering
Paul Lambert & Vernon Gayle

‘Analysis of Panel Data Based on Complex Longitudinal Surveys’, ISA RC33 7th International
Conference on Social Science Methodology, Naples, (September 2008)

The ‘changing’ nature of social inequality – how are young people’s attitudes to school stratified and how are they changing?

Vernon Gayle (University of Stirling & ISER University of Essex) & Brian Francis (University of Lancaster)

Cambridge Stratification Seminar (September 2008)


Scottish Social Survey Data, Past, Present and Future – Does Scotland Need its Own Data
Christopher Playford, Vernon Gayle, Paul Lambert

Radstats Conference (March 2008)


Youth Transitions in the 1990s: Evidence from the Youth Cohort Study

Vernon Gayle, Paul Lambert, Susan Murray

Stirling Stratification Seminar (September 2006)


Analysing the Effect of Family Migration on Women’s Labour Market Experiences in Britain
Vernon Gayle, Paul Boyle, Robin Flowerdew and Andrew Cullis (St Andrews)

Cambridge Stratification Seminar (September 2006)







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