1986 Lancia Y10 Turbo


My youth got the better of me when I purchased this next car, you live and learn as they say. The brochure specs on this car were very impressive and I was sold on the idea of a turbocharger. Sadly, turbos and carburettors don't go together very well and the end result is expensive garage bills and lots of breakdowns. The Lancia Y10 Turbo had a 1050cc engine producing some 85BHP and in a small car like the Y10 it resulted in very swift progress. Unfortunately the car was akin to a turbocharged roller-skate and handled like one too. The power delivery was like a smack in the head and the car had poor drivability at low speeds. It was a good day when I got rid of this and I went straight for another Fiesta but this time it was 1.1 XR2 look-alike without the power and insurance costs.