1999 Nissan Primera 1.6SX


This was my first "brand-new" car, I kept it for 2 years and nothing went wrong with it at all, there wasn't even a squeak or a rattle which is quite impressive. It was powered by an excellent 1.6 Twin-Cam 16 valve engine producing 100PS. It used to return 36MPG around town and approx. 40MPG on longer runs. The SX trim had Alloy wheels and Air-conditioning as standard. I remember getting a puncture the day after I picked it up so I took it back to the dealer and they repaired it free of charge. I had a few punctures in the time I had this car but I put that down to the Continental tyres that were fitted. Once I had a puncture fixed by ATS and they managed to wreck the Alloy wheel but they did replace it with a brand new one.