1973 Morris Mini 1275GT


I was only 14 when I bought my first car, an 1973 Morris Mini 1275GT. It had been badly vandalized, the asking price was £50 but luckily I had my older, wiser friend Rab Hodge with me and he knocked the guy down to £35 but he didn't even thing it was worth that! I bought the car to learn about mechanics and this it taught me well. Luckily for me I had a part time job as a milkboy cos nearly all my cash went on trying to restore this car to its former glory. It received two front wings, a new front panel and "A" pieces and a rear subframe not to mention two second-hand doors and lots of other parts. The project took myself and everyone who helped me three years to complete. I passed my driving test 1st August 1990 and busily got the Mini ready for the open road. Finally in November the car passed its MOT and thanks to my Mum and Dad it was taxed and insured. My now wife and I had a lot of fun driving it during the winter period but breakdown after breakdown ensured that any joy was short-lived. I had major problems with brakes, cylinder heads and finally the engine gave up. I sold it to someone for £400 so all was not lost. With a need to appear at my work on time a more reliable car was needed. My next motor was a Ford Fiesta 950 Popular Plus.