1995 Nissan Micra Mauritius


It was always going to be a hard act to follow the Uno but when you have cheap motoring like that you have to look hard. My wife and I were out looking for kitchen blinds and we happened to pay a visit to the local Nissan dealer. I have always been a big Jap motor admirer and was on the look out for a second-hand Primera to replace the ageing Uno. My wife had expressed a liking in the Micra and after a bit of research found out that they were well received by the motoring press. I gave in and let her have her way, we bought a 1995 Nissan Micra Mauritisis. It turned out to be quite fun to drive with an eager 1.0 twin-cam 16 valve engine and the chassis wasn't bad either, with the reliability record Nissan have it turned out to be quite painless to own to boot. We kept it for two years and finally traded it in for the car I wanted in the first place - Nissan Primera.