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University of Stirling Lunch Time Bike Rides


This website is an attempt to encourage you to get on your bike. Here you will find a database of rides that you can try for yourself.
Most of them can be done in well under an hour.
Please note that this is a hobby website and is not endorsed by The University of Stirling despite being hosted on their servers. You undertake any of these rides at your own risk and are responsible for your own equipment and safety.

The database consists of 9 rides of which 7 include helmet camera videos of the rides.
Please use the form below to help find a ride.

Note that the Terrain option goes from 1 (mostly flat roads) to 5 (extreme off-road). More about terrain conditions and bike suitability for each terrain can be seen here.

Select Ride Options

Min DistanceMax DistanceMin DifficultyMax DifficultyMin TerrainMax TerrainSort Order
Shortest Ride is 3.6miles.
Longest Ride is 11.8miles.
Choose between 1 (easy) and 10 (superhuman)Choose between 1 (flat roads) and 5 (extreme off-road)

Contributions Welcome

If you would like to contribute your own rides then please contact me on p DOT g DOT ward AT stir DOT ac DOT uk
Don't worry about providing a video, a map will be sufficient, and a video can be added by me or someone else at a later date.
If you wish to borrow my helmet camera to make a video then please get in touch.
Also if you are planning on recording a ride that is listed here then please let me know.