AF401A UPS Management Module

I have put this page together because searching for "AF401A hidden commands" on google did not help. It is my hope that anyone who has downgraded their AF401A firmware and is wondering what the firmware documentation is going on about when it mentions using the "hidden commands" will find this site useful.
I had to badger HP support to get this information so I hope this will save you some time.

Perform these steps at your own risk. If you turn your module into a doorstop with my blessing you can enjoy using it to hold the door open. I accept no responsibility for anything that happens to your module if you follow these steps.

If you feel the need to downgrade your AF401A firmware from 2.00 to 1.30 then you will discover that your MAC address, Serial Number and Hardware Version have been trashed, and the documentation for the firmware upgrade gives you the following:

Warning: FW downgrading
Due to a difference between the bembedded OS versions, downgrade HPMM FW from
v2.x to v1.x would result in loosing all original settings. Run hidden
commands at the service menu serial connection to restore these parameters:
MAC, PCA SerialNumber, and HW version (1.00.A).
Refer to Customer Advisory (CA) for further details

That's really helpful. What are the hidden commands, and what does Customer Advisory mean? In order to help others here are the hidden commands and how to use them.
To be able to enter the hidden commands you need a serial connection to the module. You should already have done this in the initial setup. Set up your serial port using either hyperterminal or minicom or your favourite serial console software to be 15200 8N1 with no flow control.
Hit the reset button on the module and your serial console should show the module booting up.
Press a key when prompted then select Module Config from the menu.
At this point you can enter your hidden commands. They will not echo to the screen but you will be rewarded with a question regarding setting up your mac address, serial number or hardware version. The commands are:




Note that when entering a MAC address it expects the address in he form xx xx xx xx xx xx (ie with spaces between each pair of characters). On setting a new value you will be asked for a password which is HPUPSMM. The commands and password are all in upper case.

This password is correct for the AF401A modules that are in use at Stirling University as of 30/01/2009.

On 09/05/2011 I received an update from Sam Wilson of Humpty Doo, Australia. He upgraded from 1.20.08 to 2.1.11 and found his MAC, serial and HW version currupted. He discovered that the commands in Version 2.1.11 are:

MA - for MAC address
NU - for serial number
HW - for hardware version

If you discover any changes then please email p DOT g DOT ward AT stir DOT ac DOT uk and I'll update this page.