Laboratory Protocols

These are protocols which have been adopted as standard procedures for a range of basic molecular biological procedures used by me (Michael Leaver) and my co-workers at the Institute of Aquaculture, Stirling University.

All of these procedures will be accompanied by risk assessments designed for compliance with COSSH regulations. The assessments specifically related to these procedures are located in L1. Anyone wishing to use these methods within the Institute of Aquaculture should have read the relevant risk assessment, sought specific instruction in potentially hazardous procedures and signed the appropriate form.

Plasmid Preparation

l phage DNA preparation

Fish genomic DNA preparation

Fish tissue RNA purification

Running glyoxalated RNA gels

Screening lambda phage libraries

Making Competent E. coli

DNA sequencing using Big Dyes

Insert Purification, Plasmid Ligation and Transformation

DNA and RNA Blotting and Hybridization