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TQFE (in-service) 2017/18

TQFE-IS Information Session schedule

TQFE-IS Programme Summary

TQFE-IS Course Overview 2017/18 slides: PPT PDF

TQFE-IS Course Overview 2017/18 (MP4 recording)

Academic writing task - induction essay

Induction essay - example

Essay writing - checklist

Styles of writing (Powerpoint slides)

Styles of writing (MP4 recording)

Resources and plagiarism (PowerPoint slides)

Resources and plagiarism (MP4 recording)

Plagiarism exercise

Citing sources using the Harvard style - guidance

Word referencing feature (recording)

Word referencing - example document (original version)

Word referencing - example document (finished version)

Student Learning Services: (PDF Website)

Student Support Services (PPT MP4 Website)






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