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Once the SAK was (more or less) fully rebuilt, it was time for trains to start running. However before a regular service, passenger or freight, was due to run there would be several weeks of driver route learning, several test coal workings, and most important of all, the day of the official re-opening followed four days later by the first day of timetabled services between Alloa and Glasgow. Although I couldn't follow every working, or even a small fraction of them, I at least tried to film and photograph the most significant events, and you will find my pictures of them in this section. Enjoy!

The First Unit!

Driver route-learning on the SAK was due to start on 31st March 2008, but after being cancelled two days in a row it started on 2nd April instead and 9 return trips ran. See my pictures from that day of The First Unit!

Monster Coal Train!

EWS ran their first test coal train over the SAK on the 5th April 2008, and it turned out to be very long and heavy - monster-sized in fact! See my pictures of it east of Alloa in Monster Coal Train!

Light Engine On The Loose!

I got some advance warning that EWS were to start driver familiarisation on the SAK using light locomotives, and I was able to go to Alloa in my lunch hour to see the first one go through. See it in Light Engine On The Loose!

Re-Opening Day!

15th May 2008 is a day I will never forget, as it was the day of the official (re-)opening of the SAK. And I was lucky enough to have been officially invited to Re-Opening Day!

Freightliner HH Debut

After many months with few coal trains, none of which I got to see, I was lucky enough in the first rally busy week for coal-traffic to be able to catch the return working of the first Freightliner Heavy-Haul Coal train over the SAK at Alloa. see the pictures in Freightliner HH Debut

Coal, Coal, Coal!

My usual poor luck meant that the full schedule of EWS coal trains over the SAK started running just as the days got short and winter approached, and I rarely got the time to go film coal trains in daylight for several months. However I took a sunny day in March 2009 off work, and with a new camcorder that I had had for less than a fortnight, I set out to catch up. So here are the captured stills from a day I saw (Mostly) Coal Trains!

Turbostar, Freightliner, & Measuring Train

On the evening of 12th May 2009 I set out to film a Network Rail measuring train that was due through Alloa, but I went out a bit early and thus got to film other things too! So here are the captured stills of Turbostar, Freightliner, & Measuring Train

Seen In The Passing!

It took me until August 2009 to catch up with two trains passing each other on the SAK in daylight, but as I had my camcorder handy and now have a page with pictures of this I have chosen to call Seen In The Passing!

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