Light Engine On The Loose!

After seeing the first ScotRail driver familiarisation runs, and the first test EWS coal train, I tried for more SAK pictures in the Causewayhead area on a couple of occasions, but the speed of the trains meant that the pictures weren't very good. However when I got advance warning that EWS were to start running regular driver familiarisation runs using a locomotives running 'light engine', I decided to to go to Alloa on the day this was to start and see the first one go through. Although the rumour was that a Class 37 would be sent on the first day, I was in for a (slight) disappointment...

1. Having taken a slightly early lunch-hour and driven all the way to Alloa, I had to wait for a while, so I took a couple of pictures of the new Alloa station. As you can see, the final stage of tidying up the station car park is underway.


2. Swinging the camera round a bit shows that the station building is still not quite finished! Better hurry up guys - it will be needed in a couple of weeks time! Having stood for a short while on the Waggonway Bridge waiting for the EWS locomotive to arrive, I heard something coming...


3. ...which turned out to be a Class 66 after all! And since Class 66s have roof-mounted silencers, I didn't hear it in time to get the camera level before taking this first picture!


4. Thankfully I did a bit better once the 66127 had passed under the bridge, and a good thing too as this is my first ever picture of a 'proper' locomotive passing the new Alloa station, or indeed anywhere in Alloa at all!


5. My last picture of 66127 shows it further away, but the distance travelled is more of an indication of the time it takes my digital camera to process and store a picture than the speed of the locomotive, as it wasn't going very fast!


6. On my way back to work, I stopped off at Cambus and was lucky enough to catch a ScotRail driver training run to Alloa passing there. this first picture shows it approaching at speed...


7. ...followed by a shot where I hit the button a bit late (!), followed finally by...


8. ...a shot of it going away. I don't think I would have set up a webpage for any of these three pictures by themselves, but since I had them available... !


A short, but fun trip. And although definitely not the last of the 'first workings' due on the SAK, it was worth both the effort of going out during my lunch hour to get the pictures and later setting up a webpage for them. (But I would have preferred to see a Class 37 of course!)

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