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Despite work connected with the SAK reconstruction starting on a large scale in the winter of 2005-6, it was at first entirely concentrated on the works for a new road to bypass the Hilton Road level-crossing. During the winter months nothing much else appeared to be happening and since I don't drive past the route of the SAK daily (or even weekly), I failed to notice the REAL start of the SAK rebuild work in (I think!) the early spring of 2006. However it wasn't too long before I got to hear about it, and started to film the progress with my camcorder, making this section of my SAK pages possible.

As this section is quite big, the progress reports, as well as having a title of sorts (if fully captioned), are numbered and carry the date(s) the pictures were taken so that it is easy to keep track when viewing them.

Although at some stages of the rebuild I got behind with adding new reports and even more seriously behind with the captioning of the pictures after I had put the basic (uncaptioned) reports live, the final version of each report is as fair and honest a reflection of events as I saw them during the rebuild as I can provide, even if the final versions of the captions in some reports were typed at a much later date than the pictures they describe! I haven't systematically gone back through these reports either to correct minor inconsistancies in terminology and with place names, although if anyone finds a major mistake of this kind please let me know and I'll have another look at it!

First Look At The Kincardine-Alloa Rebuild

On 14th & 16th April 2006 I went out for my first look at the work on the eastern half of the SAK rebuild. Here is my SAK Progress Report 1

Sunny Trip From Kincardine To Blackgrange

Having taken a sunny afternoon off work on 11th May 2006 I went for a more detailed look at the entire SAK worksite, but only made it from Kincardine to Blackgrange! Here is my SAK Progress Report 2.

Joined up Rail!

A progress report to show you a single picture! Have a quick glance at SAK Progress Report 3.

East Of Eden? No! West Of Blackgrange!

Amazingly by the start of June 2006 I had hardly visited the western half of the SAK since reconstruction began. So I took 2/6/06 off work to do just that. Here is my SAK Progress Report 4.

Evening Observations!

Checking up on the SAK is becoming a habit, and I keep finding new things to report! Here is my SAK Progress Report 5.

SAK Pointwork!

At last - completed trackwork! However it wasn't plain track I discovered had been assembled on Friday 7/7/06. Here is my SAK Progress Report 6.

A Visit To Alloa & Kennet

Foundations, drainage, road construction and bridge repairs! The scale of work required before track can be laid on the SAK is evident in SAK Progress Report 7 (19/7/06).

Stirling, Blackgrange & Cambus

Much work on the SAK trackbed, but no track to be seen (yet) in SAK Progress Report 8 (26/7/06).

An August Evening Out!

I caught up with a welding machine at Clackmannan, and all the other progress in the Alloa area in SAK Progress Report 9 (23/8/06).

Welding In August Sunshine!

A short report on the welder at work in Clackmannan in SAK Progress Report 10 (31/8/06).

Tracklaying At Last!

The start of tracklaying at the Stirling end of the SAK caught me by surprise, but it's never too late to catch up! Here is SAK Progress Report 11 (13/9/06).

Rapid Progress On The Western SAK!

An SAK ballast train? A double track section over the Forth Viaduct? Track eastward to Cambus? All to be found in SAK Progress Report 12 (27/10/06).

New track at Kincardine

I visited Kincardine to catch up with progress there, and found yet more new track in SAK Progress Report 13 (28/10/06).

Crane, Train, & Tracklayer!

Only one of each, and they weren't at work, but I wasn't complaining! See them in SAK Progress Report 14 (4/11/06).

'Hunting The Snark'!

I went out to try and see the Tracklayer at work on the Eastern SAK, but had a little difficulty finding it! My epic hunt (and a few other things) are shown in SAK Progress Report 15 (8/11/06).

Track In Clackmannan

A short feature to complete the story of the tracklaying on the eastern part of the SAK in SAK Progress Report 16 (11/11/06).

Bridging The Gap!

The second largest bridge on the route of the SAK had been at Helensfield, but had been removed in the early stages of the SAK reconstruction. A new bridge was needed, and you can see sections of it being lifted into place, along with other progress in the Alloa area, in SAK Progress Report 17 (16/12/06).

Track Returns To Alloa

From the west or the east though? Actually... both! The first progress report from 2007 catches up with tracklaying progress at both ends of town. Have a look at SAK Progress Report 18 (17/1/07).

'Planting' ballast!

Tracklaying (more or less) as it happens, plus the trackbed in the middle of Alloa getting covered in ballast in SAK Progress Report 19 (27/1/07).

Concrete Sleepers And A Tamper

My first trip to the SAK in a lunch hour saw not only some more new track, but my first sighting of a tamper on the SAK. Details in SAK Progress Report 20 (29/1/07).

The Last Point?

My second lunchtime visit, the day after the first, and what may be the last SAK point is (nearly) assembled. But that wasn't all I saw and filmed, as can be seen in SAK Progress Report 21 (30/1/07).

The Ends (Nearly) Meet!

The last SAK point was complete, the tracklaying was nearly finished through Alloa, and I saw a parked tamper from four different angles for good measure. See all of this in SAK Progress Report 22 (31/1/07).

First SAK 'Train' Through Alloa?

On this trip I found the track finally completed through Alloa, and evidence of it having been used at once. See what I mean in SAK Progress Report 23 (1/2/07).

Concrete Sleepers Galore!

But no rails on them! The end of the SAK tracklaying comes in sight in SAK Progress Report 24 (8/2/07).

Track In the Alloa Station Platform?

Not quite! But rails had been put in place as can be seen in SAK Progress Report 25 (10/2/07).

Another Monday Lunchtime!

Another short report from a lunchtime visit to Alloa in SAK Progress Report 26 (12/2/07).

The End Of The (Platform) Line!

Track all the way up the platform siding and buffers attached for good measure in SAK Progress Report 27 (17/2/07).

Two Closed Roads

I discovered that the Hilton Road level-crossing had been closed before the new link road to replace it was opened. See the pictures that prove it in SAK Progress Report 28 (3/3/07).

Part Completed Bridge!

I went for a look at a new footbridge at Alloa West Junction before it was finished in SAK Progress Report 29 (10/3/07).

Alloa West & Central

I checked on the progress of the new footbridge and re-visited the centre of Alloa in SAK Progress Report 30 (3/4/07).

Meet 'Robert McAlpine'!

Not the person, but the tamper! I managed to film it 'up close and personal' at Causewayhead in SAK Progress Report 31 (10/4/07).

Signs Of The Times?

Well signals on the SAK in central Alloa actually! Pictures of them in SAK Progress Report 32 (8/5/07).

SAK Road Trip!

I go for a spin on the new SAK Link Road in SAK Progress Report 33 (17/5/07).

Overhead View!

I do my first filming from the new footbridge at Alloa West Junction in SAK Progress Report 34 (25/5/07).

Loop View

Views of the nearly completed works east of Alloa in SAK Progress Report 35 (28/5/07).

Go East!

A sunny evening survey of most of the western SAK between Causewayhead and Alloa in SAK Progress Report 36 (1/6/07).

Three Stations In Alloa!

The (site of the) old one, the (unfinished) new one, and... the roundabout! An update from the center of Alloa in SAK Progress Report 37 (13/6/07).


Work on the new Alloa station building starts in SAK Progress Report 38 (15/6/07).

Fun In The Sun!

Well I enjoyed filming the SAK between Blackgrange And Alloa Station on a sunny summer evening anyway! The resulting pictures can be seen in SAK Progress Report 39 (11/7/07).

Station-ary Progress! (Part 1)

A short update on the progress at the new Alloa station in SAK Progress Report 40 (1/8/07).

Station-ary Progress! (Part 2)

A second short update on the new Alloa station in SAK Progress Report 41 (9/8/07).

Station-ary Progress! (Part 3)

And a third short update on the new Alloa station in SAK Progress Report 42 (6/9/07).

Station-ary Progress! (Part 4)

The fourth, and last(!) short update from 2007 on the new Alloa Station, this time with progress on the building, in SAK Progress Report 43 (10/10/07).

Inside The Fences!

On 18th December I got invited on an official tour of the SAK! Find out how, and see what I saw that day, in SAK Progress Report 44 (18/12/07).

Signals In The Mist...

On a freezing cold and foggy morning in January 2008 I went filming red signals in Alloa in SAK Progress Report 45 (12/1/08).

The Scaffolding Comes Off

My first views of the new Alloa Station building after the scaffolding is removed, plus views of the SAK in the Kincardine area in SAK Progress Report 46 (1/2/08).

What A Difference A Day Makes!

See how a shiver of snow can make all the difference in SAK Progress Report 47 (2/2/08).


Level-crossing progress, and more signalling news in SAK Progress Report 48 (23/2/08).

Last Minute Surprise!

A strange turn of events at the new Alloa Station occurred at the end of February 2008, but to find out what, visit SAK Progress Report 49 (1/3/08).

A Long Days Journey!

Just before the SAK was due to be connected into the national rail network, I spent over 5 hours taking pictures from Stirling right through to Kincardine. See the best of them in SAK Progress Report 50 (14/3/08).

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