SAK Rebuilt - Progress Report 8

Stirling, Blackgrange & Cambus

A mere week after I took the pictures in my last progress report (7), I was back out and about, still hopeful of seeing some evidence of imminent tracklaying on the SAK. And I did, sort of...

1. I started by going to the Forth Viaduct at Stirling to see what progress had been made there, and by holding my camcorder through the fence (alas not very level!) I was able to film across the bridge. No track here but the bridge deck looks nearly ready.


2. I couldn't find much else new to film at the Stirling end of the line, so I moved on to Blackgrange LC, and struck paydirt! Work has clearly been done on the trackbed in the Cambus direction.


3. The work doesn't look very impressive at a distance, but when I zoomed in it became clear that a level trench about the width of a railway line has been excavated into the trackbed here, and the sticks show that the line of the trench has been professionally surveyed.


4. Another view of the trenched trackbed a it curves away toward Cambus. Time to lay a bed of ballast maybe?


5. Someone obviously thinks so! But large as this heap is, more still might be required as this site is likely to supply the ballast for several miles of trackbed.


6. I then moved round to Cambus to see if the trench went all the way there and as you can see it had been dug right round to the site of the former Cambus station.


7. A closer look reveals that the base of the trench still has the track marks of the machine that dug it, possibly the one on the right of the picture. I'm sure the ballast won't mind though!


8. For completeness, here is a picture looking towards Alloa from Cambus LC, even although it only proves that no trenching has been done in this direction. Yet.


A shorter outing than the one I had had the week before, but I was well pleased to discover work on the trackbed of the SAK that was at least (slightly) more interesting than drainage! And the tracklaying is getting closer...


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