SAK Rebuilt - Progress Report 5

Evening Observations!

After having seen excellent progress on the rebuild of the western end of the SAK on my last survey on 2nd June 2006 (see 'SAK Progress Report 4'), I didn't really think I would need to create the next progress report less than a week later. However that didn't stop me checking out progress in the evening of 7th June as I have found I can take nothing for granted with this project! On this occasion, I found that progress had been made at several locations, as can be seen below.

1. The first image shows the scene to the west of the A91 road bridge between Manor Powis and Causewayhead. In less than a week the wooden shuttering is gone revealing a neat concrete structure. I still don't know what it is, although the best bet is still drainage of some sort.


2. The best find of the evening was visible in the other direction at the A91 bridge, where some assorted plant was parked. However it is clear from the sections of welded rail in the middle of the trackbed that these are the items of plant that are doing the rail welding.


3. Although the plant wasn't working when I saw it, the largest machine (which I am told is First Engineering's 'mobile flash butt welder') clearly welds rail lifted into place by the road-rail excavator/crane next to it, with the welded rail then being pulled down the trackbed by a bulldozer that is not visible in this picture but is furthest from the camera in picture 2 above.


4. Having caught up with the welding machine I naturally zoomed right in on it, and it certainly looks interesting!


5. Zooming out toward Manor Powis shows that the welder is well on the way to completing the rail welding for this section. Some other work is being done there as well, but it's not obvious what.


6. Naturally my next port of call was at Blackgrange, where I also found that more progress had been made. In this case, looking in the Cambus direction, I discovered that the welding machine had been even busier than I thought, as can be seen here.


7. Stepping sideways revealed, unsurprisingly, that the new pieces of welded rail go right out of sight and thus might go all the way round to Cambus, although I then checked at the Cambus level-crossing and they don't yet go that far.


8. The last place I visited was Alloa, and the only noteworthy progress I saw was that the covering is off the Alloa station bridge revealing cleaner re-pointed stonework and freshly painted girders. Even though I was filming into the sun it still looks good!


A short progress report, but one I enjoyed filming and typing up! Looks like I will have to check up on the SAK every week this summer!!!


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