SAK Rebuilt - Progress Report 47

What A Difference A Day Makes!

In my last SAK progress report, using pictures from 1st February 2008, I showed my first view of the new Alloa station building nearing completion after the scaffolding had been removed from around it, and also views og the new station name signs, with some views of the more or less complete line in the Kincardine area. After that trip, I wasn't sure when I would next need to take pictures of the SAK, but I should have paid more attention to the weather forecast as I woke up the very next next morning to find a scattering of snow on the ground. As this was Saturday 2nd February, I was about to make my usual weekend trip to Fife, and couldn't resist going and filming the new Alloa Station with snow on it, just as a contrast to the pictures from the day before!

1. I started with this view of the Waggonway bridge, as viewed from what used to be the trackbed of the old station throat at Alloa East Junction. Unlike the day before it really looks cold, although since the wind had eased it wasn't actually quite so bad.


2. A closer view of the Waggonway bridge, with the new station in the background framed nicely through the arch. I expect many enthusiasts will stand here in the future to take a shot of trains sitting in the platform.


3. Now for the view eastwards from the Waggonway Bridge, which is at least a little different than usual thanks to the snow!


4. It hadn't been a heavy fall of snow overnight, and as you can see the snow on the Waggonway bridge is no match for the tread of many feet.


5. The snow was most evident on the new station car park...


6. ...but the view of the station platform and the trackbed here is just as wintery!


7. Lastly here is a zoom view of the new station building in the snow.


A short report, done purely for the fun of it and with minimalist captions (I seem to have been typing a lot of longish ones lately!), but worth the effort nonetheless. Whatever next? Find out in my next Progress Report!


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