SAK Rebuilt - Progress Report 43

Station-ary Progress! (Part 4)

In the last three progress reports, spanning a period from the start of August through to early September 2007, I presented pictures showing the slow progress in the building in the new Alloa station in that time. However one thing that didn't change all summer was that the new station building, whose frame was erected in June 2007, didn't progress any further in that time, and was thus still just a frame in early September.

For some weeks I saw no further progress when I was in Alloa, not helped by usually going there in darkness, but one night I noticed that the new building was surrounded by scaffolding, and made a point of going there in daylight as soon as possible. At this time of year that meant making a detour via Alloa on my next day off, which was on 10th October 2007.

1. This first view shows a general view of the new station from the Alloa Waggonway Bridge. The new building is surrounded by scaffolding...


2. ...which is much clearer in this zoom view. The frame has aquired a roof, although it doesn't look at all finished, and the walls are definitely still under construction. Clearly this is no prefabricated bus shelter!


3. Pulling back the zoom an swinging round a bit shows the new car park. It's still being used as a worksite of course, but the visible materials have diminished, doubtless some having been used up on the new building. All the new lampposts, including the ones on the platform, have now had their heads fitted and are thus likely to be ready for use.


4. Swinging round further shows that the temporary buildings and storage are still occupying part of the car park, but that there is no longer any plant being used here at all.


5. As usual, for completeness, I have included a view westwards showing the Station Bridge, even although nothing much has changed here.


Another short report, but at least this time there has been progress on the new station building. However the scaffolding round it, coupled with the ever shortening days and frequent spells of bad weather, meant that I couldn't see any progress on Alloa station (or anywhere else on the SAK) for the next two months or so. (!) I even tried doing a little filming at Alloa on the 15th Decemeber, but I have for once decided not to turn that into a progress report since the contents would be virtually identical to this one!

My problem at this time, given that the scaffolding was not likely to come off the new Alloa station building anytime soon, was that I had temporarily exhausted virtually all the observation/filming possibilities that could be done 'outside the fence', and having no official standing, couldn't just walk onto the worksites just to see more! But an unexpected turn of events did lead to me getting 'inside the fences' on the 18th December 2007. But that story is told (at length!) in my next progress report!


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