SAK Rebuilt - Progress Report 42

Station-ary Progress! (Part 3)

By the late summer of 2007 apparent progress on the SAK reconstruction had slowed down considerably, to the point where I stopped off more than once to check on progress and just couldn't find enough to justify getting my camcorder out. This doesn't of course mean that nothing was being done, as work on signal wiring, track circuiting and the like isn't too visual and isn't done on the weekday evenings I was able to go filming on, so I missed out on most of that.

However there came a day when I decided it WAS worth doing a little (very little!) filming, which turned out to be on Thursday 6th September 2007 when I was able to go to Alloa during the day and filmed the progress on the new Alloa Station since my last visit four weeks earlier.

1. On this occasion I started by pointing the camcorder at the new station car park. You can tell that this isn't one of my usual evening visits by the fact that there are people working, which is something that hasn't featured in recent progress reports! The only thing worth mentioning here is that a fence is being put up round the new mini car park.


2. Swinging round to view the station platform reveals that the whole width of the platform now has tarmac. Still no progress on the station building though. One item of interest is visible (and the reason I got the camcorder out actually) - one of the lineside S&T cabinets is open.


3. Zooming in on the cabinet shows that modern S&T equipment has indeed been installed in this cabinet. It is far from filled, but there might of course be more to go in, and some spare space in case additional equipment is required in the future is never a bad idea!


4. For completeness, I will finish with a picture looking eastwards. I have chosen a zoom view as it shows a couple of warning indicators fastened to the rails. Even on a railway that is technically not open for traffic, it is important to put these out as the people working on the S&T don't want to get run down by a passing tamper or road-rail machine.


Another short report, but as I am trying to document work done as part of the SAK reconstruction I have to take things as I find them!

After this visit, I reached my busiest time of year at work, and wasn't all that keen on going out and filming the SAK for some weeks. Find out if I saw anything new when I next went filming on the 10th of October by visiting my next progress report...


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