SAK Rebuilt - Progress Report 41

Station-ary Progress! (Part 2)

In my last progress report I concentrated on the progress on the new Alloa station up to the start of August 2007. Since work on the station platform, except for the new building, was clearly moving on steadily I made a point of checking up again just over a week later, on 9th August 2007.

1. Looking eastwards first, as I usually do here, doesn't show much, although the S&T cables have now been tidied up! The former temporary worksite on the north side of the trackbed is now more or less fully recovered, although since it was originally one end of the old Alloa station it won't be all that fertile!


2. A quick view of the Waggonway Bridge itself showing the new railings, the new tarmac surface, and the footpath on the embankment leading up to it. the footpath might not look all that steep, but long ago horses would have had to haul empty waggons up this incline!


3. Looking the other way shows no further changes to the new mini car park, but the end of the platform now has a fence along the back...


4. ...and so does the rest of the platform! Lampposts have now appeared as well although it's too early for them to have had heads fitted.


5. Zooming in shows more clearly that there has been no noticeable progress on the station building, and also that the station platform surface is a little rough - a final layer of tarmac stil needs to be applied, although the timing of that may depend on the wiring of the lampposts and possibly even the work on the station building.


6. A zoom view of the western end of the platform shows as many as four electrical equipment cabinets of three different types! I am doubtful about any of these being for the signalling, as there are a couple more cabinets on the opposite side of the line here, but these can't all be for lampposts, surely?


7. To finish, here is a view looking at the entrance to the new Alloa Station car park, with the new 'Station' roundabout in the background. At least the roads are ready well in advance of the trains running!


Another short report, but with most parts of the SAK more or less finished there isn't all that much new to film elsewhere! Which is the reason (or one reason) why my next filming trip was several weeks later, and was again to the centre of Alloa. Find out if I saw something (or anything!) new in the next progress report!


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