SAK Rebuilt - Progress Report 40

Station-ary Progress! (Part 1)

In the last progress report I showed pictures taken from filming on the evening of 11th July 2007 between Blackgrange and the new Alloa station. Amongst the things I saw that night was a new structure that was being built at the new Alloa Station, but it was too soon to tell what it might be for.

Typically, it turned out to be three weeks before I had a free evening in good weather to go out for another look at it, on wednesday 1st August 2007.

1. This first view is westward from the Alloa Waggonway bridge, and shows that the S&T wiring that was strewn out along the side of the trackbed is still there. Clearly S&T wiring is a slow job!


2. Looking the other way the new structure seems to be more or less finished - and looks suspiciously like merely being additional parking spaces! I know the new station car park isn't huge, but this is ridiculous!


3. swinging the camera round reveals that a line of posts is being erected along the new platform presumably for some sort of fence. While the new station will be unmanned, and thus open access, the fence will doubtless be needed to stop stray cyclists, running kids and the like from charging right across the platform and off the edge!


4. Also visible from here is a parked road-rail machine, complete with trolley. Not surprising in the evening, but it's not too obvious why it was working here at all as I can't see anything much for it to do.


5. Shifting sideways a bit gives a different view of the new mini car park and the work to erect a fence on the station platform. Waht strikes me look at this view is how natural it all looks, which shows how much work has been done given that the whole station site was down at the level of the trackbed originally.


6. Zooming in a little shows the details of the work more clearly. The other thing worth mentioning here is that some lamp posts have been put up since my last visit.


7. Last (in this progress report anyway), but not least, here is a zoom view of the new station building. While the frame is unchanged, the area to the right of it in this picture looks like some sort of tarmac and/or paving is being put in right up to it. Still a long way to go though!


What a let down! The new structure turned out to be a car park with room for only a couple of cars. Never mind - making discoveries is part of the fun!

Clearly work on the station was progressing, even if the building was still merely a frame, so I made a point of returning to Alloa for my next look the following week. Details in the next progress report!


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