SAK Rebuilt - Progress Report 38


In the last progress report I showed pictures filmed on the evening of 13th June 2007 in the center of Alloa that showed slow but definite progress on the new Alloa station, with one disappointing exception - there was no sign of the new station building being constructed yet.

I had no easy way of predicting when work would start to erect the station building on the base that had previously been prepared for it, but through pure chance I was in Alloa only two days later, and saw that work had started on it. And luckily I had my camcorder with me!

1. My first picture from Friday 15th June is a general view of the tracks and the station platform in Alloa, showing that the work on the frame of the building is the only substantial change since Wednesday evening.


2. Zooming in shows a lot more detail of the new station building frame. It's a little early to tell exactly, but it seems a bit larger than other modern passenger shelters (or waiting rooms if you like) that I have seen elsewhere on the Scottish railway network. The frame members nearest to the camera are taller than the roof frame further away so it is likely that the roof will be split level.


3. Now for a quick view of the new car park, although it's main purpose right now is to provide parking and temporary accomodation for the people working on the new station!


4. Swinging the camcorder round not only shows the entrance to the new car park, but also the new railings on the Waggonway Bridge that I had omitted to film two days before!


5. Finally a view looking westwards from the Waggonway Bridge showing clearly the former SAK temporary worksite that has been tidied up and which looks set to return to simply being grassed over.


A short report this time, since I had only set out to film the frame of the new station building and that a mere two days after the last report. However I'm not complaining as I was quite glad to see work start on it, and will be even happier when it is finished!

It will take some time to finish the new building, but that will just give me something extra to check up on! However it was a few weeks before I found the time to do so, but had the time to visit more than just the center of Alloa, as you will see if you visit my next Progress Report!


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