SAK Rebuilt - Progress Report 37

Three Stations In Alloa!

By mid-June 2007 I had not filmed the SAK reconstruction in the center of Alloa for over a month, having spent time catching up with progress to the east and west of Alloa instead. This doesn't of course mean that I didn't know that work was being done, since I could see signs of progress from a distance, generally while driving past, but it was Wednesday 13th June before I found the time (on a dry evening) to go and see what had been done since my last look there.

1. I started by looking westwards from the Station Bridge, where the new signal is now fully assembled. Also, the landscaping work that was underway over a month previously has been finished. At first glance there seem to be two fences down the side of the trackbed...


2. ...but looking from a different angle reveals that the inner fence is the original temporary one and that the outer one is a partly completed permanent fence.


3. Looking eastwards shows that the temporary worksite adjacent to the track has been cleared and that the new fence is being erected right through to the Waggonway bridge.


4. Before moving round to the Waggonway Bridge, I turned my attention briefly to the Alloa Station Bridge (aka the 'Erskine Street Bridge') itself, as I hadn't previously filmed the new railings that had been put up on it. This first pictures shows the railing on the west side. Since it has been put up as part of the SAK project, the railing only protects the parapet over the railway itself, which is daft considering the same risk of falling over the parapet exists over the rest of the bridge!


5. A similar railing has been put up on the other side, only in this case...


6. goes right around the corner. Interestingly the railing on this side is mounted more or less exactly on the parts of the wall corresponding to two walls of the old Alloa station building, which was above the railway and whose entrance was in this wall in more or less the middle of this picture!


7. Turning round a bit shows the railing going right down what used to be the front of the station building, and round the end of what used to be the station forecourt. Almost all of what remains of the forecourt can be seen here, but it was originally rather larger.


8. From where I was standing I was able to film something else new - a sign that has been erected for the new roundabout on the ring road. Interestingly the name of the junction is as appropriate for where I am standing as for where the left turn will one day lead to!


9. Looking down from the end of the old forecourt shows the neat tidying up job that has been done on the south side of the tracks here. It's hard to believe that there was a loading dock there once.


10. I continued walking up to the Waggonway Bridge, but stopped to film the new car park. As you can see, it is now completely surfaced, and the usual white and yellow lines have been marked on it for good measure.


11. However this view of the new station platform and the area behind it reveals that work is still going on here. The edge of the platform is now finished and fresh tarmac is visible right behind it, but the rest of the platform surface is as yet unfinished.


A short trip out this time, and on quite familiar territory, but I still managed to find something of interest to film! The big disappointment was perhaps that after more than a month, there was still no sign of progress on providing the new station building whose concrete base I had first filmed as far back as February (see my SAK Progress Report 24). One thing I had omitted to film (and I really don't know why not!) was that the Waggonway Bridge had also had maroon coloured railings fitted to it of exactly the same pattern as the Station Bridge.

How soon should I next check up on progress? A difficult question, but chance came to my rescue, as I was in Alloa a mere two evenings later and found it very necessary to get my camcorder out. That, however, is another story...


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