SAK Rebuilt - Progress Report 33

SAK Road Trip!

On Thursday 17th May 2007, a little over a week after the filming which formed my previous progress report, I set out to Alloa to go shopping at one of the supermarkets there. Normally it's a straightforward trip, but when I got to the Whins Road roundabout, I found that my choices of route had gone up by one! The new SAK link road to bypass the (now closed) Hilton Road level-crossing was open for business! The new road had actually been opened the previous weekend, and this was the first time I had gone near it since. Time to get the camcorder out!

1. Naturally I parked near to the Whins Road roundabout and started from there, and this first picture shows cars on the new road waiting for their turn on the roundabout.


2. I didn't want a long walk to get the new road on film, and stopping the car frequently wasn't too appealing either, so after some thinking (I do resort to doing that occasionally!) I got out an old pullover and towel that I keep in the car and wedged my camcorder facing forward on the top of my front dashboard moulding of my car, set it going, and went for a spin on the new road. (Don't worry, I kept my attention on the road and let the camera look after itself!) As you can see in this first picture from that trip, I was a bit hampered by a light shower of rain, but the first part of the road can be seen, along with the junction for Hilton Road.


3. This picture is taken a few hundred yards down and shows the curve that is in the background of the previous picture. The road is actually curving to go along the back of the houses on the east side of Hilton Road and avoid some of the bonded warehouses here, which can be seen in the background.


4. A little further on and the road now curves the other way to go through what was once a complete line of bonded warehouses, but is now a shorter row off to the left of this picture, plus a single remaining warehouse visible in the background.


5. Another view of the single warehouse on the south side of the road here. Creating the gap I am driving through made this road rather more expensive than it looks, as buying and demolishing some of these warehouses doesn't come cheap!


6. It's hard to see due to the rain (I was using my windscreen wipers intermittantly but these stills captures are chosen to be interesting rather than clear of raindrops!) but I am now at the next curve and approaching the new road bridge over the SAK proper, with the signpost for the new roundabout that marks the other end of the road now (just!) visible.


7. Journey's end, as I pass over the SAK...


8. ...and go round the roundabout to head back! Well I wanted to see the new road as seen going the other way as well!


9. I'll skip over most of the return trip, but here is a better view of the junction giving access to Hilton Road, which will be fairly well used given that the level-crossing is now closed and the only other way in is through a housing estate!


10. I took the chance to drive down Hilton Road to see the site of the closed level-crossing and found that someone definitely doesn't want cars to try and get through! However pedestrians are still allowed past here, allowing a last chance for me to walk over the S&D level-crossing tracks.


11. Looking westward shows spare concrete sleepers and concrete troughing, probably waiting to be used to re-build the trackbed through the level-crossing when the time comes to do that.


12. Finally the view eastward doesn't show all that much of interest, but I could hardly leave it out in case I got bombarded with emails asking why I had omitted it!


No question what my new favourite route to the supermarket is going to be, irrespective of which one I am going to! And the filming from which these pictures are taken didn't take long as the return trip in the car only took about 5 minutes, with about 5 minutes more spent at the closed Hilton Road level-crossing.

However this wasn't all that had happened on the SAK in Alloa, as the following week I caught up with another piece of 'unfinished business'. To find out what please visit my next progress report!


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