SAK Rebuilt - Progress Report 30

Alloa West & Central

In the last progress report I showed pictures from my first visit to see (most of) the new footbridge that was finally being installed, as promised in the original SAK reconstruction proposal, at the site of the former Alloa West Junction level-crossing. At the time, it looked like the footbridge would soon be finished but circumstances meant that I wasn't able to go back to film further progress on it for more than three weeks! However during that time came the annual switch to summer time, and that meant that it just became practical for me to go filming on a weekday evening.

So on the evening of Tuesday 3rd April, I set out for Alloa West Junction again. Would I be able to walk across the new footbridge for the first time tonight?

1. Alas no. While the new footbridge is now completely assembled, it's still inside a fenced off worksite!


2. Viewing 'over the fence' shows the worksite a little more clearly. The reason for the footbridge not having been opened still isn't at all clear however - perhaps there was a delay in getting the staircase section delivered?


3. Interestingly, a tracked road-rail machine is parked on the track here, complete with a trolly wagon in tow. However it may just be tidying up the sides of the line and doing a bit of landscaping, given the heap of earth that has appeared at the side of the track!


4. The ground level foot-crossing is of course still in use, and the old level-crossing lights pole still has it's 'hat'!


5. Although I didn't have much time before I lost the light, I headed into Alloa for a quick check on the progress on the new Alloa station. However I started with a quick look west from the Station bridge...


6. ...followed by a quick look east at the Waggonway bridge!


7. Moving round to the Waggonway bridge, I paused to film the newly re-surfaced footpath on the former Waggonway trackbed. The work to reinforce the banking and widen what will be the road into the station car park at the same time is still in progress, although far enough forward that the footpath has been re-opened.


8. The re-surfacing has been carried out over the whole width of the bridge, probably to help seal it from water penetration, which is good news as this bridge is already over a century and a half old and I would like to think it will last at least as long again!


9. Looking westward from the Waggonway bridge reveals a strange gap in the track of the new siding. Since this track was previously finished, this gap must have been cut deliberately!


10. Looking the other way and zooming in, it turns out that there is a further gap part way down the platform. The reason for these gaps is hard to guess, but it might perhaps be something to do with the installation of track circuiting which will certainly be needed here.


11. Looking at the new station platform, there hasn't been a lot of progress other than some stacks of concrete slabs. I am not sure if these will form part of the platform edge or will go elsewhere, but it looks like something more will happen here soon.


12. Swinging the camera round shows that the levelled ground for the car park is currently being used once again as a worksite instead of being tarmaced.


13. The entrance to the site is also still somewhat unfinished - long way to go until park 'n' ride customer cars enter here!


14. Swinging round further shows the steel piles that are now holding up the side of the Waggonway embankment (or the footpath if you prefer!), and have allowed the widening of what was originally a narrowish back gate and access road to the brewery site.


A short and hurried trip out (sunset is still not very late in early April after all!) but interesting nonetheless. The new footbridge at Alloa West Junction had progressed slowly toward completion, the new station is progressing very slowly and strange gaps have appeared in the platform siding... Hmmmmm! Oh well, if I knew what to expect I wouldn't need to look!

Next trip out to an opened footbridge? Ummm no! To Causewayhead in fact. I made an unplanned stop there in the passing a week later, but to see why, you'll have to look at my next progress report!


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