SAK Rebuilt - Progress Report 3

Joined up Rail!

Despite having done a comprehensive check on progress on the SAK between Kincardine and Blackgrange on the 11th of May 2006 (See 'SAK Progress Report 2'), I still hadn't checked properly on the progress on the SAK reconstruction in the vicinity of Stirling and Causewayhead despite having seen some activity in progress while driving. On 19th May however, I took another day off work to go to Glasgow and took a brief detour on the way to check the progress in Causewayhead, which is most easily done at the Cambuskenneth road level-crossing. What I saw justified taking a picture, and one sufficiently important that I nipped into work and 'published' it on my home page! However that could only be temporary, so I have created this progress report for it!

1. As can clearly be seen in this picture, on 19th May I had discovered the first evidence I had seen up to that point of rails being welded together in preparation for tracklaying. Bundles of sleepers are lying ready as well, although whether this will be the first place on the SAK proper to see actual tracklaying I cannot tell as this is another level-crossing in need of complete reconstruction and the contractor may decide not to proceed until that is done.



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