SAK Rebuilt - Progress Report 27

The End Of The (Platform) Line!

In my last SAK progress report, covering what I saw on Monday 12th February 2007, I reported that the new platform siding in Alloa was far from finished, but that a rather familiar-looking crawler crane was now parked on what will become the station car park.

However circumstances dictated that I was unable to visit Alloa again (in daylight anyway!) until Saturday 17th, and this short progress report covers what I saw...

1. Unsurprisingly, the Waggonway bridge was still closed, but that didn't stop me filming the completed platform siding, complete with buffers! There is surprisingly little overshoot between the far end of the platform and the buffers, but remember that trains will probably enter the siding at comparatively slow speed due to the reverse curve, and thus should have no trouble stopping in the platform.


2. Zooming in a little doesn't really show much more, althuogh the track in the siding has not only been finished, but ballasted as well.


3. Swinging round reveals that the crane is now being put to good use in connection with work on the Waggonway trackbed leading up to the bridge (now a footpath of course). I wasn't getting a good view from this angle...


4. I moved round a bit and got a view of sorts of a metal frame being built up on the Waggonway trackbed (or footpath up to the bridge if you prefer!). I've no idea what it is for though!


An even shorter report this time, but I was so pushed for time that day that I passed up the chance to walk round via the Station bridge to film from the other side!

Even with all the track in Alloa now laid, work was still going on here, but for the next couple of weeks I couldn't visit any lunchtime, and since I was in a hurry to get to Fife the next weekend, it turned out that I was next able to film here on Saturday 3rd March 2007. As usual, you'll find pictures of that in the next progress report!


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