SAK Rebuilt - Progress Report 26

Another Monday Lunchtime!

In my last progress report (25), I showed the progress that had been made by Saturday 10th March 2007 on the laying of the concrete sleepered track in the platform siding at the new Alloa station, and I made a point of returning on the following Monday lunchtime in the hope of seeing the siding completed. Somewhat to my surprise however, I found that work seemed to have gone into reverse...

1. For a reason I will discuss in connection with the next picture, this first westward view of the point and the start of the platform siding is not taken from from the Waggonway bridge, but from the adjacent banking. However it still shows quite clearly that some of the rails I had seen two days before have been lifted off. But were the rails missing from the rest of the siding?


2. Before finding out, here is the reason I wasn't standing on the Waggonway bridge - it was closed! Since the bridge (thankfully) was not due to be replaced this was presumably only for repairs to both it, although nothing had been done so far.


3. Now for a view of the platform, albit not as good a view as usual! It's a little difficult to see that the rails are missing on this side of the bridge...


4. ...but the zoom view shows this very clearly. The 'missing' rails have simply been lifted over into the four-foot of the other track, but the big mystery is why they were temporarily lifted into place at all!


5. Swinging the camcorder round shows little change to the future car park. The profusion of large pipe sections is a bit surprising though, as I would have thought they would be too big for use in the drainage for the car park and all other drainage seems to have been finished!


6. However swinging round a little bit more reveals that the future car park was currently being used as a crane park instead! It looks, from a distance, that the crane previously seen constructing the SAK link road overbridge at Parkmill in July 2006 (see Progress Report 7) is making a return visit to the SAK. Time will tell why it is here!


7. Since I couldn't stand on the Waggonway bridge to film, it was a natural move to walk round to the Station bridge, and here is a general view of the new point and the works on the new siding.


8. Zooming in a bit shows the new siding a bit more clearly, including the end of the short section which still has rails on it.


9. The last picture in this set is the view westward from the Station bridge, included to prove (if proof were needed) that the track is now thoroughly ballasted, and has probably had at least one visit from a tamper, although further tamping and consolidation will doubtless be required before it is fit to run proper trains over it!


Well this visit wasn't quite what I had expected, with the new siding looking LESS finished than it had two days before! Admittedly lifting loose rails off is no big deal, but the reason for them having been lifted on, then off again isn't clear to me!

However I still wanted to see more progress on the siding, but circumstances at work and the winter weather meant that my next look was the following Saturday morning. Perhaps the siding would be finished by then... Find out in the next progress report!


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