SAK Rebuilt - Progress Report 25

Track In the Alloa Station Platform?

On Saturday 10th February 2007, just two days after my previous visit (SAK Progress Report 24), I went round by Alloa on my way to Fife to see if the new track being laid in the Alloa station platform siding had progressed in that time beyond a row of concrete sleepers. And it had!

1. This first picture shows quite clearly that the rails have been lifted into place, but not cut exactly to length yet.


2. A closer view of the uncompleted track join. The way the rails are sitting remind me more than a little of model railway tracklaying, where I have often put a piece of rail alongside a gap to mark where to cut it!


3. Looking the other way shows rails in place for about half the length of the platform, but with rails overlapping at another track joint.


4. A closer view of this track joint shows that the overlap of the rails seems to have made a bulge in the positions of the sleepers here! Another alignment job for the tamper perhaps?


5. However, even if the rails aren't yet in place right down the platform, the 'end of the line' has arrived - a buffer stop of some sort is sitting beyond the end of the platform.


6. After less than two days work, the car park for the new station obviously hasn't changed all that much, but it already looks almost ready for it's coating of tarmac.


A short report for a short visit, thankfully in milder weather than two days before! But the track in the platform still wasn't finished, so I ended up coming back yet again on the Monday lunchtime. Would there be rails right down the platform siding after another two days? No! Quite the reverse! But that is a story for the next progress report!


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