SAK Rebuilt - Progress Report 24

Concrete Sleepers Galore!

In the last progress report I showed views taken on the 1st Of February 2007 of the completed track through Alloa, much of which I had seen laid in the previous week (Progress Reports 19-23). The only exception to this was the siding planned for the new Alloa station to allow passenger trains to sit in the platform without blocking the through line, which hadn't been started yet.

Having spent the first four lunchtimes of a working week filming the daily progress on the SAK, I decided I needed a short break from filming the SAK. It seemed like a good time for it, as work on the platform track might not be started immediately and the weather turned bad (it was February after all!). My next visit was therefore on Thursday 8th February 2007, when I once again went to the Waggonway bridge to see if anything had been done in the previous week...

1. This first view confirms both that tracklaying was being pushed forward to completion, and that the weather had been quite bad! The shape of the reverse curve required to get both tracks under the Waggonway bridge can clearly be seen here.


2. Zooming in a bit doesn't add a lot of detail, but the change in appearence between the concrete sleepers of the point and the ordinary ones newly laid is noticeable - there must be two different ways of fastening the rail down that will be next to each other when this section is finished.


3. Panning down a bit shows that the concrete sleepers go further than those on the through line...


4. ..and looking in the other direction they go all the way into the new platform...


5. ...and right down to the far end of it! My guess is that concrete sleepers are preferred in platforms as their weight makes them least likely to movement in the long run, which is vital in a platform.


6. Zooming out shows that the sleepers currently just stop at the platform end with no indication of whether the track will go a little further or be terminated here.


7. Looking at the platform reveals that the foundation for a new building looks like it might be ready, but that the platform surface and edge isn't complete.


8. Work on the far side of the car park hasn't moved on much in the last week...


9. ...but the part near the entrance has a new load of infill being bulldozed into submission! There is no telling how soon the tarmac will be put down, but I suspect it won't be done with snow on the ground!


More tracklaying! This will be almost the last time I will get the chance to type that in one of these progress reports! No rails in the platform yet, but that surely won't take long considering how short a time it took to lay the track in the through line.

Now that I knew that tracklaying was still in progress, I had a powerful incentive to check up again quite soon, and my next visit was only two days later, on the Saturday morning. Was the platform siding completed by then? Find out in my next progress report!


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