SAK Rebuilt - Progress Report 21

The Last Point?

Having visited the SAK in the middle of Alloa during my lunch hour on Monday 29/1/07 and found that pieces of a point had been laid out between the Station and Waggonway bridges, I was naturally keen to keep checking to see if it was being assembled, especially as all the other points required for the SAK rebuild had already been installed making this my last chance to see (and film!) this being done as part of the SAK work. So on Tuesday 30/1/07 I again spent my lunch hour on a trip to Alloa to get in a short period filming, in this case, a single days progress!

1. Naturally I again went straight to the Waggonway bridge and was delighted to find that a point had indeed been assembled in a single working day - or had it?


2. Zooming in a little doesn't settle the question...


3. ...but the machine moved back to collect a bunble of steel sleepers as I zoomed in a bit more and it can now be clearly seen that the point frog is sitting askew - the point is only nearly finished! (However I am definitely not criticising them - I once worked with others every Sunday for many weeks in winter assembling a second-hand tandem point out of disassembled parts and know how difficult this job is, even if they are using brand-new parts here!)


4. Pulling back the zoom reveals that there are still many concrete sleepers to be used up, and that odd bits of rail have been moved up the trackbed.


5. I then turned the camera the other way, as the point wasn't the only progress in the last day or so. Steel sleepers are being laid by machine but not adjacent to the partially finished platform face, although there is no sign as yet of the rails to be fastened to them!


6. As if that weren't enough, swinging the camera reveals that the heap of ballast is now tiny, and that the heap of spoil has mostly gone as well, possibly having been removed by lorry. The likely reason for this having been done is off to the right of this view...


7. ..where a bulldozer is busy turning an uneven worksite into what is supposed to become be a level tarmac-covered car park. Eventually!


8. I swung back round quite quickly as the machine that had been putting down a bundle of steel sleepers on the trackbed had turned and set off towards me. Clearly it is taking a break from laying sleepers to fetch plenty more.


9. I then turned round again and decided to zoom right in on the frog of the point. The machine in the background has added a third sleeper bundle next to it, and these, along with some bundles that can be seen on the trackbed in previous pictures above are probably destined to be moved for use on the tracklaying opposite the platform face.


10. The last picture in this report is of the machine (seen starting it's journey a couple of pictures ago) heading resolutely for the bundles of steel sleepers!


Due to the travelling time required, I wasn't getting to stay long in Alloa on these lunchtime trips, but it was long enough for me to catch up with each days progress and see a little bit of the tracklaying work actually being done. But what would I find at lunchtime on Wednesday? Find out in my next progress report!


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