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16/1/17 - An update after a mere 10 days! A bit of an improvement on nearly four years I think you'll agree. And an update with real payload too! Last Saturday I unexpectedly had a few hourse to spare at the same time as a brand-new Class 385 EMU was parked at Gourock for test purposes. And since it's test runs were in darkness I could be sure it was there. So I went for a look, and the pictures I got were so good I decided I had to put the on a webpage... So go for a quick scroll through my pictures of a New EMU Doon The Clyde Coast!.

6/1/17 - Well it's been roughly four years since I did added anything (13/2/13, but without updating my home page). Since the start of 2013, my father has died, I've had preservation setbacks, and all in all I haven't had many highlights to document. Another issue that came up was a polite request from my colleagues to reduce the size of my website as it was the largest on the staff webserver and space was running out...

Anyway things change with time and I'm hoping to resume updates, albeit at a slow rate. It will I suspect be a while before I feel able to tackle some of the preservation changes that have occurred as the bad parts are a lot too fresh in the memory, but there are other things I can add instead, although I must remember to ask again about disk space!

In the meanwhile, despite having nothing new except this message, anyone who wants to keep up with my activities can folow me on Twitter or watch out for new uploads to my YouTube channel - see below! No promises about when I will have any new material ready, but I will try not to forget to work on it!!!

Getting A (Little) Bit Social!

Despite having answered friendly emails for many years, I was slow to try out 'Social Networking' when it took off. I first tried out Facebook but found it too cumbersome and no use to me. However when I tried Twitter, it proved to be much simpler and perfect for what little I have to say, and as a bonus also allows me to pass on interesting stuff from others! And, thanks to code provided by Twitter here are my 20-odd most recent Tweets & Re-Tweets (newest first)! (If there is nothing immediately below then Twitter may be down, or there may some other problem I can't predict.)

Keeping The Past Alive!

I've been active in preservation of one sort or another since the mid-1980s, and have owned preserved railway items, plant and buses since the early 1990s. And my extensive personal preservation efforts can be explored by visiting the J-Files!

Out & About, Past & Present!

I've taken a lot of pictures with various camera and captured many more from comcorder footage of ever increasing quality over the years, and thus have built up a fair sized archive. Most of the pictures are of trains and railways, but I do take pictures of other things too! Call up 'Jeff's Photo Album' to see a wide variety of my pictures, past & present!

Going Local!

Many railway enthusiasts like to create web pages about their local lines and stations, but even into the 21st century I would have found the task of writing about the railways of Clackmannanshire much too depressing. However everything changed when a proposed re-opening of the main line through Alloa was authorised by the Scottish Parliament in 2003-4, and since then I have gathered together many pictures and have lots to say on the subject in Jeff's SAK Pages

Wanna See A Movie?

Since the spring of 2009, when I got a new camcorder, I have been uploading an ever -increasing number of video clips to YouTube which in most cases start to clock up viewings from the day they are uploaded. But of course many visitors to this website won't know about that so I have now created 'Jeff's Video Album' so that nobody need miss out!

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