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I bought my first camcorder even before I started creating a website, and for years have been able on an ever increasing scale to extract still pictures from the resulting footage. On the other hand until 2009 I had transferred almost no video to computer due to not having the right technology, and in fact not actually knowing very much about computer video file formats anyway.

However in March 2009 I bought my third camcorder, which not only films in high-definition, but stores it in a file format that is easily transferred to computer. This only leaves the problem how to make selected clips of video available, which turned out not to be a problem at all! Yes, like so many other people, I settled for uploading videos to 'YouTube', and have found it (so far), to be the simplest answer as it takes the sting out of the (very) technical aspects of video formats (Which still confuse me!). However I also worked by trial and error how to transfer older footage via DVD to the .avi file format, and may thus over time upload 'archive' videos as well.

However, I was left with one problem - how do people find my videos? Well many people find them on YouTube anyway, and I can publicise new uploads via mailing lists like 'scot-rail' & 'scotlandbus (making sure to keep 'on-topic' of course), but what I needed was to offer them to potential viewers via my own website. And this page fills that need, since below you will find a link direct to my YouTube channel page, an imbedded player offering my most recent upload, and links to some selected uploads of mine! Enjoy!

My' Channel' On YouTube!

For anyone who is familiar with YouTube and prefers to browse my videos there directly, here is a direct link to my channel, which, thanks to my chosen username, is called jw26040's Channel

View My Most Recent YouTube Upload!

As this section uses code provided by YouTube to offer up my newest upload as of the time this page is accessed, I obviously don't know as I type this what the imbedded video player immediately below will offer you. But I hope you like it!

Selected Uploads

I used to provide links to all my uploads on this page, but for some time the sheer number of uploads has been too great, and going up and up! However there's no reason why I can't provide links to a few that I feel are important to me or are a bit unusual, or which give some idea of the type of video I upload. And for in most cases, there are many similar uploads to be found on my channel if you want to go looking!


26040 With It's Engine Running On 13/3/05

A Short Tour Of 26040 On 13/3/05

26040 Revving Up On 8/5/05

26040 Moving Under Its Own Power

26040 With All Its Lights On

Our Buses & Other Preserved Vehicles

FRA1 Leaving Kirkcaldy For Preservation

MSC103T Loading Coal On 30/8/09

Unusual Railway Videos

70005 On An Empty Coal Train At Alloa On 20/4/10 (1st Class 70 over the SAK)

60163 Tornado Visiting Scotland For The 1st Time

60163 Tornado Nose To Nose With 60009 Union Of South Africa!

60163 Tornado Departing Thornton Yard on 7/3/09

60163 Tornado at North Queensferry

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