Special Delivery!


Actually the title of this section is slightly misleading (although since I like it it stays!) as this section is intended to cover pictures I take (or capture from camcorder footage) of special workings of all kinds, not just deliveries! Of course such workings are comparatively rare, but since these days I often hear about such workings in advance I can sometimes catch up with them. Enjoy...

What A Drag!

I took an early lunch hour one day to go and see the arrival (for some sort of corporate display purpose) Classes 67 & 185 At Stirling On 7/2/07

Early Morning Delivery To The BKR!

On 14th November 2008 I got up much, much earlier than usual to get a look at an Early Morning Delivery To The BKR!

Return Convoy From Keighley

I had a day off on 11th June 2009, which coincided with the special working to deliver back two locomotives to Bo'ness from the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway, where they had been guest traction at a diesel event. Since I had all day, I was able to visit several places to see and film the Return Convoy From Keighley

Scottish Training Loco In BR Blue!

In the autumn of 2009 driver training runs were carried out using a Class 47 on various routes in Scotland. After the first week 47270 came north to do this, which just happens to be a locomotive that was allocated to Scotland when new. It was several weeks before I got my first chance to film it, and later that week I took a day off work to catch up with it at two locations when heading back to Edinburgh. And thus here are three sets of pictures of 47270 on it's original 'home ground'!

Although I was at work on Tuesday 10th November 2009 I took a well-timed tea-break down at the nearest station where I saw 47270 At Bridge Of Allan

On Friday 13th November 2009, having taken a day off specially, a friend and I headed in the direction of Dundee to lie in wait for 47270 At Tay Bridge South

Having already seen 47270 once on Friday 13th November 2009, my friend and I headed south immediately, since we knew it was due to stop at Thornton UPL long enough for us to get ahead of it and see 47270 At Dysart

A Cold Day Out!

On 1st December 2009 I took a day off in freezing temperatures to see an ECS working to return two coaches to the Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway. But not just any two coaches - these were a First Class Delivery!

Slug 6 Goes South!

In the evening of 4/4/11 37906, which had been visiting the Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway, was due to head back south to England behind 57001. And I followed the working from the departure at Bo'ness until it passed Linlithgow at speed. See my stills from the evening when Slug 6 Goes South!

Cleaner Coaches At Polmont!

On the afternoon of 6/4/11 I was on leave and took the chance to stop off at a favourite filming location to film Cleaner Coaches At Polmont!

31s Out Inspecting!

When I heard that a track inspection working was due to pass close to me on 15/4/11, I made the quick trip to Bridge Of Allan Station to see and film 31s Out Inspecting!

Lone Deltic!

A quick outing to Manuel Junction and Bo'ness to see the arrival of a Lone Deltic!

New EMU Doon The Clyde Coast!

A rare outing to the west of Scotland to see a New EMU Doon The Clyde Coast!

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