47270 At Tay Bridge South

Having already seen 47270 go north to Inverness at Bridge Of Allan on Tuesday 10th November, and knowing it's booked schedule, I realised that I could probably catch up with it again on it's return working down the East Coast Main Line the following Friday not once, but twice, since it was booked to stop for a while (presumably for pathing reasons) in the Thornton Junction UPL (Up Passing Loop) which would allow me to get ahead of it.

So I got a leave request granted, and set out on the Friday morning to pick up a friend before heading to Tay Bridge South where I thought I might get some good camcorder footage of 47270 crossing over the Tay Bridge. But would my luck hold on Friday The 13th? Things started well enough as we got there more than half an hour early allowing me to practise filming on a couple of other trains that headed south over the bridge...

1. The first train I saw was 170425, which came within filming range at about 14:23.


2. A picture of 170425 as it approaches Tay Bridge South SB. I'm not really much of a judge of photographs but I think this picture is fairly well proportioned with the signal-box close-up contrasted with the Tay Bridge and large parts of Dundee in the background of the unit.


3. And one last picture of 170425 as it heads past me. I had a timetable with me that day, and from memory I think that this was an express service from Aberdeen to Edinburgh. (Not that it matters much to me!)


4. The next train came close enough to be filmed a mere 5 minutes before 47270 was booked to set out from Dundee, suggesting that the loco was booked to follow this unit down as far as Thornton.


5. Another view of this unit, but as I had shifted filming position a couple of weed stems are now intruding into the shot. (These stems suffered a bad accident a couple of minutes later however!)


6. A third and last view of this unit. I think this unit was on a service that started from Dundee, but I don't remember it's number and since it isn't clear enough to read on the camcorder footage I just don't know which one it was. (No loss!)


7. And now for the star of the show, so to speak, as 47270 came into sight on the Tay Bridge two minutes before it was due to leave Dundee!


8. Less than a minute later and 47270 is much closer now, which made for a clearer still from my camcorder footage. This is another candidate for being a well-proportioned picture, although I won't dwell on that since a) I am not much of a photographer, and b) I had a lot of frames of camcorder footage to choose from!


9. Closer still and the foreshortened view of the Tay Bridge is mostly gone as I have swung the camcorder round to follow the locomotive.


10. 47270 is now passing onto the last section of the Tay Bridge, which is a brick viaduct that was originally the throat of a Y-junction - alas the line to Tayport is now long gone!


11. 47270 passes the signal box at Tay Bridge South. I have pulled back the zoom (such as it is!) all the way and I get the Tay Bridge and a fair amount of Dundee into the picture for good measure.


12. Another similar picture, but probably a better one as 47270 has moved forward far enough that it's shadow in the low November sunlight isn't falling on the Tay Bridge South signal box!


13. 47270 was starting to accelerate after leaving the Tay Bridge speed restriction and only a sxecond or two later was already about to pass me (and my friend of course, but he was standing out of camera shot anyway!).


14. I left a couple of shots from the next few seconds in to prove that= you can't win them all! This would be a really nice shot of 47270 if the weeds hadn't got in the way. (Must remember to invest in long handled loppers... :-) Mind you, it doesn't look quite so bad when viewing the original camcorder footage as the weeds just flash by!


15. A second shot with weeds in the way, although this time I have picked a frame where the name and number of the locomotive are both quite clear.


16. Of course swinging round has other problems, in this case that of pointing the camera into the afternoon sun. This picture is not too bad...


17. ...but this one is barely worth including...


18. ...and as 47270 really throttles up for it's trip south the captured image seen here isn't much better! Never mind, the results shown above were excellent and my afternoon was far from over...



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