47270 At Dysart

On Friday 13th November (an ominous date!) my friend and I had already seen 47270 once as it passed Tay Bridge South, but despite it running about 7 minutes early there I had high hopes of getting ahead of it as I had a copy of its schedule and knew that it was booked to spend 40 minutes in the Up Passing Loop at Thornton Junction. So we got in the car and drove south immediately.

We soon had some (nearly) unexpected luck in that the road route down the A92 is a bit straighter and therefore shorter than the rail route, and just after Ladybank we were able to see 47270 on an embankment as it climbed towards Lochmuir summit. Alas there was nowhere to stop to film it, so I concentrated on my driving and despite roadworks and other delays got to our destination quickly enough. We had chosen to go to the footbridge over the main line at Dysart, which is an ideal filming location that I have used before, and provided 47270 had indeed been 'put inside' at Thornton, we were sure to be well ahead of it. However, as had been the case at Tay Bridge South, other trains were out and about...

1. The first train that came by was northbound, and the film I took of it will soon be something of a historical curiosity as this High Speed Train has both power cars in National Express East Coast Livery, which even as I filmed it was becoming obsolete as this was the week that the East Coast franchise was surrendered by National Express for financial reasons!


2. A better view of the HST, which was travelling quite fast despite the steep climb to the Boreland summit. The coaches are in a variation of an even more obsolete livery, since they are in GNER livery with the red stripe painted white!


3. Between the speed of the train and the speed I had to swing the camera round this image is a little blurred! Never mind - I don't get the chance to film an HST nearly as often as I would like.


4. Another shot of the rapidly receding HST, which is of course heading to Aberdeen.


5. And one last zoom shot showing the rear power car as the HST rapidly goes out of sight.


6. Next up was a southbound Turbostar. I don't remember its number and I can't work it out from my camcorder footage, so I'll never know!


7. Not long after that another Class 170 came hurtling towards me, but I was a bit quicker off the mark and zoomed in enough that the number is readable - 170415! It's definitely going to Edinburgh, but I'm not sure where it came from!


8. Another unit, this time northbound. The number isn't readable in this picture...


9. ...but in this picture of the unit receding it can be seen as being 170456.


10. More lights from a southbound train coming round the bend from the Boreland, but alas it was only a Class 158, in this case 158731.


11. And here is a view of 158731 heading down the hill towards Kirkcaldy station.


12. BR Blue at last! 47270 finally came into sight, and it wasn't trundling gently along either!


13. just a few seconds later and I am already pulling back the zoom quite quickly!


14. Close up now, and looking good!


15. Whoosh? Very nearly! 47270 has just passed me at what must have been full line speed and is now hurtling away down the hill...


16. ...but I zoomed in quickly enough to get one last close-up of it! Worth a day off? Yes!



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