47270 At Bridge Of Allan

For the first few weeks of the autumn 2009 driver training schedule, which was intended to route-learn drivers for Network Rail test trains, the runs (always under the headcode '0Z47' incidentally) were all on the East Coast Main Line, and it wasn't practical for me to go and see them. But when I found out about a working of 47270 north via Stirling to Inverness on the 10th November, my chance had come, and I didn't even have to take a day off work either! Although it did mean timing my morning coffee-break quite carefully so that I could get to Bridge Of Allan station (the nearest to where I work) at about the time 47270 was due through Stirling, to give me time to get parked and get ready. However I was just getting ready when...

1. ...47270 rolled smoothly through the station platform! It took a few seconds to switch my camcorder on, so this is a still from about the time I started filming. As can be seen here, 47270 also carries it's original number, albeit without the 'D' prefix.


2. A few seconds later and 47270 is already past me. As can now be seen, it carries a nameplate, although it wasn't trying too hard to live up to it's name!


3. At last a picture of the whole of the loco with the TOPS number clearly visible.


4. Just for contrast (literally), here is a picture of the Class 47 as it passes under the road bridge, with the darkness highlighting the built-in tail lamps.


5. Now for what I think is probably the best picture on this page. It is interesting that, apart from the headlight, the radio ariel, and the barely visible pre-TOPS number on the side, this picture could have been taken three decades ago!


6. Another captured picture from only a few seconds after the last one. If including this seems like overkill, I can assure you I had to cut out several similar images! (But I have them all on file! ;-)


7. As it receded, 47270 was throttled up somewhat almost certainly due to the steepness of the Dunblane bank...


8. ... but all too soon it started to go out of sight!



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