Scottish Central!


Despite Stirling having been the closest railway station to me for much of my life, having spent a lot of time there as a teenager, and having taken a lot of photographs there over the years, it has never featured all that much on my website. And for the most part, the same can be said of the main line that goes north through it as well. That has been rectified somewhat in recent years due to my including pictures of Stirling occasionally on my SAK pages, and also by a set of pictures in my 'Special Delivery' section showing a Class 185 at Stirling, but I have decided that something more is required, and have thus created this section to give a home to picture sets (old & new) from places on the Scottish Central main line between Greenhill and Perth. I won't be moving the other pictures about however, as they fit in well right where they are!

Evening Trains At Greenhill!

Way back in the dim & distant days of 2001, I did some filming at the southern end of the Scottish Central, so here is a new version of my original feature set entitled Evening Trains At Greenhill!

View From A Height!

In the spring of 2008,for professional reasons, I began to visit a location new to me, which just happened to give a High Up View Of Stirling Station

View From The Forthside Bridge

Once the new Forthside Bridge over Stirling Station was opened, it took me a few weeks to find the time to visit it. But I took my new camcorder, so you too can see the View From The Forthside Bridge

Lunchtime Locos At Cornton!

When you have advance info, it's surprising how short a time it takes to film a passing locomotive. What I didn't bargain on was a freight train heading the other way almost immediately! See my pictures of Lunchtime Locos At Cornton!

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