Despite travelling on a few SRPS railtours in the 1970s, it was not until recent years that I got back into the habit of railtour travel. The reasons are fairly dull, as it usually came down to not having the time, and sometimes not being able to afford the cost either, but it was never because I wouldn't have enjoyed the trip. However these days, despite other commitments, I have been booking onto at least one and sometimes two railtours each year, and have enjoyed every one so far! For this reason, it seems only fair to include in my photo album some pictures from my recent trips for everyone else to see.

However when reviewing camcorder footage in preparation for the work on altering and improving my photo album which led to me creating this section, I noticed that I also had some assorted pieces of camcorder footage where I had intercepted and filmed other railtours which were interesting for some reason, usually due to having interesting locomotive(s) hauling them. Clearly these would also be worth including somewhere, and for now it is simplest if I include pictures of these in this section as well.

Having said all that, when preparing this section I have left out some sets of railtour pictures that also qualify for inclusion elsewhere on my website and these currently fall into two categories. The first of these are pictures of the SRPS railtours that were run on 15th May 2008 as part of the opening day celebrations of the SAK which were added to my SAK pages soon after that event itself and which clearly belong there. The other category are those railtours and similar special workings which are steam-hauled, as I have created a section of my photo album specifically for picture sets involving steam locomotives.

That's enough waffling on! Time to go Railtouring!

Seeing Double!

In the spring of 1995 I got a tip off that an interesting railtour was due to pass through Perth, and went to see it. However when I got there a different railtour had got there first (!), and not long after I was Seeing Double! (so to speak! :-)

Not A Boring Place After All!

A very short page with a few vsnaps from 1996 of a Railtour Passing The Boreland.

Class Of '58?

A short set of pictures of Class 58s at Dysart

Whistling To Waverley!

A preserved Class 40 back on the main line and coming to Edinburgh! Definitely a must see, and despite the low quality camera I had with me, you can see a few recognisable images of the day a Class 40 came Whistling To Waverley!

Coming & Going!

Another visit to Scotland of 40145 in August 2005 this time booked to head up through Fife and return a couple of days later. So I made a point of filming it passing through Fife both Coming & Going!

Far North Forty!

Having done some travelling north of Inverness when I was a teenager I found I couldn't resist a ticket for the SRPS 'Far North Explorer' Railtour to Thurso & Wick behind 40145 in June 2006. And here are copious pictures of my long (22 hour) trip behind the Far North Forty!

West Highland Deltic!

My first trip on the West Highland in years, and behind the preserved 55022 into the bargain. A spectacular day out behind the West Highland Deltic!

Western Chieftain!

A passing Class 52 is a rare sight in Scotland so on 19th June 2009 I just had to take a quick trip to Bridge Of Allan station to film the Western Chieftain!

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