The Polmadie Open Day 2000

An open day was held at Polmadie Depot on 16/9/00 to celebrate the 125th anniversary of it's opening, and I visited it along with a friend. This feature shows the main exhibits present, including all the locomotives.

1. The first picture is of 50021, which was one of three Class 50s on show.


2. Also on show was a modern 'track thingy'.


3. The line up in the section of sidings used for the Open day included a Class 08 in faded BR Blue, which according to the programme was due to leave soon for an overhaul.


4. Amongst the visiting locomotives were a good selection of locomotives from Bo'ness, with 26024 & 25235 prominent in this shot, as well as 27001 just visible behind the Class 26. EWS locomotive 37370 can also be seen on the left.


5. Another shot of the Class 08 in BR Blue. (I don't have a note of the number I'm afraid.)


6. Class 08 & 50021 together.


7. A nice wide shot of 25235, 26024, and 27001, with a new 'Juniper' EMU intruding!


8. Prominent amongst the visiting locomotives was EWS 67028, which although currently in Scotland only for testing and training purposes, might soon be a fairly regular visitor if Class 67s start to haul Scotrail sleeper services to & from Inverness & Aberdeen.


9. EWS also sent a Class 66 to the Open Day, in this case 66227, which is a good example of a 'late build' Class 66 featuring a number of minor improvements over the first batched to be delivered. (I have a few cab interior shots later on.)


10. Another locomotive visiting from Bo'ness was 20020, done up in a 1960s green livery (but with it's TOPs no in 1960's style rather than it's pre-TOPs no - truly there is a prototype for everything!).


11. Two locomotives were named during the Open Day. I arrived too late to see the first naming ceremony, but here is a shot of 87023 'Polmadie' afterward.


12. During the Open Day I wandered up and down the siding area several times and consequently passed some locomotives several times! I make no apologies for another shot of 27001 & 26024, as in my (thoroughly biased) opinion, they were the best looking locomotives present. (Even more vsnaps later!)


13. One of the newest items on show was a 'Juniper' EMU, which are so new they haven't been granted their full safety case and are therefore not in service yet. I took some film of the interior, and here is the first of several vsnaps grabbed from that footage.


14. Another shot of the interior of the 'Juniper' this time showing the bizarre sight of the foil lagging on the heating pipes clearly visible through the turquoise painted grill covering them. Unsightly or what!


15. The Juniper also had some red seats, which didn't look any more comfortable to me than the turquoise ones were!


16. Inside the cab of the Juniper. It's all a bit basic, although I don't suppose drivers sit staring at the controls very often anyway.


17. More of the inside of the Juniper cab.


18. Yet more of the inside of the Juniper cab!


19. A better view of EWS 37370. It wasn't exactly the most pristine locomotive present, as there was a smallish corrosion hole in the side of one of the cabs, which was just at eye level to someone standing on the ground next to it!


20. A long shot of 66227 & 67028 together.


21. Two Bo'ness-based steam locomotives were also on show. This one is of course, Maude (ex-NB), incongruously paired up with two preserved Caledonian coaches, also from Bo'ness. Three steam locomotives were due to attend, but Caledonian passenger tank No 419 didn't make it. The third loco is in the next picture.


22. It's not quite a view from the 1960s, thanks to the Class 66 on the left and 27001, but 20020 , BR Standard tank No 80105, and it's coaches are essentially in matching 1960s liveries.


23. A late arrival was a pair of visiting Class 50s which worked a Railtour to Scotland to attend this event. When they arrived, they parked on a loop just outside the public area until it was time for them to leave to doe the return working. here is a vsnap of D431.


24. And here is a shot of D449. The Class 47 is 47818, which is featured in several pictures later.


25. D431 again -it's blue! (Enough said!)


26. Staying with blue, here is a reasonable shot of 25235, given that it was fairly overcast (but dry) most of the afternoon.


27. Now for an end-on shot of 26024, with 27001 and other locomotives visible around it.


28. Time for a good three-quarters shot of 27001 (as if I really needed another!).


29. As promised earlier, here are some cab interior shots of 66227, starting with the dials, etc.


30. 66227s cab interior again, showing the stenciled writing above the center of the front windows.


31. 66227s cab interior again, showing the computer interfaces.


32. 66227s control desk. A friend who was with me at the open day rated the Class 66 cab seat the best of those he had sat in! (But we didn't get a look inside the Class 67.)


33. When it was time for the Railtour stock to return to Glasgow Central, D431 & D449 moved off toward the far (east) end of the depot to attach to the rear of the stock so that the formation would be complete at Central.


34. A closer shot of D449 as it moved (with D431) along the depot loops.


35. 08933 also showed up during the day, also being parked just outside the public area. I don't think the depot pilot counts as a visitor though!


36. Having left on the tail of the ECS working, and having picked up their railtour passengers at Glasgow Central, D431 & D449 came past Polmadie at a fair speed - a most impressive sight.


37. Another vsnap of D431 & D449 passing Polmadie depot, taken about 2 seconds after the last one!


38. D449 a mere one second later again! The first of the Brown & Cream Mark I coaches being used for the railtour can just be seen.


39. After the railtour had whizzed by, it was time for the second locomotive naming of the day. Here is the name 'Strathclyde' being unveiled on 47818.


40. 47818 'Strathclyde' was named by a Professor from Strathclyde University whose name I don't remember, who is seen here posing for photographs. (I don't remember who the other person was either - must be going senile!)


41. A closer look at the nameplate of 47818 'Strathclyde' and also the 'presentation' nameplate.


42. After the naming ceremony for of 47818, there was also group photo taken in front of 87023 'Polmadie'.


43. After the second naming ceremony it wasn't long before 47818 'Strathclyde' & 87023 'Polmadie' got back to work. (Virgin absolutely do not have a motive power surplus!) 47818 started by shunting onto 87023 which was stranded on a non-electrified siding!


44. 47818 'Strathclyde' towing 87023 'Polmadie' back 'under the wires'.


45. The old and the new - 67023 and BR Standard tank No 80105. It remains to be seen which will be sturdier and longer lasting. (My money would be on 80105!)


46. Caption


47. It was the middle of the afternoon before the sun condescended to put in an appearance! Naturally I rushed to film my favourite locos over again... Here is 27001 in sunshine.


48. 25235, 26024, & 27001 lit by sunshine, but in front of a threatening sky!


49. Late on in the afternoon I took to hanging about at the fence nearest the main line, and was rewarded (I think) by seeing a Class 90 in one of the shabbiest and faded coats of paint I have yet seen on this class being towed in on the back of an ECS working. (It's not too clear in this vsnap I'm afraid.)


50. Back on duty, 47818 'Polmadie' departs light engine for Glasgow central to pick up a train.


51. Another shot of 47818 'Polmadie' heading for Glasgow Central.


52. Some time later 47818 'Polmadie' came back hauling a passenger service. (I know not which!)


53. 47818 'Polmadie' passing Polmadie depot at speed. I should learn not to stand next to a telegraph pole in future!


54. Another shot of 47818 'Polmadie' passing its namesake.


55. I did a little filming as I left the open day, and this is a zoom shot of the locomotives and stock parked in the front loops of the depot late in the afternoon.


56. With 47818 out of the way, it was time for 87023 'Polmadie' to go back to work, and is seen here hauling an ECS working out of the depot toward Glasgow Central.


57. Lastly a couple of shots of the Polmadie Depot Open day from the adjacent overbridge. This one shows the sidings used for the open day, with some depot buildings behind.


58. Another departing view of Polmadie Depot Open day, this time including the 'running shed' and the main line. This is the last vsnap in this feature - I hope you found something in all this worth seeing!


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