Naturally Beautiful!


As might readily be expected from someone who likes railways, buses, & plant, most of my pictures and camcorder footage are of buses, trains, plant. However I'm easily broadminded enough to branch out a bit from time to time and have also filmed boats, canals, bridges, planes... :-) OK, maybe that's not a lot different! So just occasionally, when I feel like it, I abandon the above and film, to coin a phrase, 'something completely different'.

So this section of my virtual photo album is for pictures I have taken & captured of scenery & wildlife that I think might be appreciated. I certainly like 'em!

The Colours Of Autumn!

The 1st of November 2012 was cold, clear, & sunny, but was also an ordinary day at work. But during my lunch hour I went for a walk in the sunshine with my camcorder with me, which was fortunate as the photo opportunities on the campus of the University Of Stirling (where I work) that day were stunning, and I was able to capture The Colours Of Autumn!

More Colours Of Autumn!

Only a few days after taking some stunning pictures of autumn scenery at the University Of Stirling I had to walk across campus in very similar weather. So I couldn't resist taking my camcorder along and capturing More Colours Of Autumn!

Winter Uni-Land!

February, weekday, at work, snowing, and a need to cross campus to look at a reported network fault. So I took my camcorder with me and got many pictures of a Winter Uni-Land!

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