Welcome to my 'virtual' photo album, which has been online in one form or another since 1995. In this, the third version of the album, I have retained most of the accumulated material from the features section of the second version, substituting higher resolution versions of the original pictures wherever possible. However I have done a much needed restructuring to lose the long (& somewhat random) list of numbered features and instead grouped the picture sets by topics and themes in much the same way as I have done elsewhere. So, in no special order, here are the pictures...

On Display!

I see a lot of locomotives and stock on the main line, and also at preserved railways, but pictures of those are covered in other parts of this album. But this section of my album is for a third category, where locomotives, railway stock, and other railway-related items are entirely On Display!

Ticket To 'Roundabout'

In the late 1990s and the early 2000s I used the SPT 'Roundabout' rover ticket to belatedly learn & explore the railway network of the 'Glasgow Area'. Pictures from many of these days out would be worth a look, but the ones from 5th May 2000 form an interesting record of one of my best days out, so you too can Go Roundabout!

Naturally Beautiful!

Most of my filming and photography is of transport, machinery, and the like. But occasionally, when the mood takes me, I do take pictures of other things. And I have now created a section of my website for my pictures of nature and scenery that are Naturally Beautiful!


I have not only travelled on a number of railtours to various places, but have also been lucky enough to see others, often with interesting motive power. And now you can see my pictures from the days I went Railtouring!

Capital Country!

I don't visit the Edinburgh area as often as I would like, but I do so occasionally and thus have some interesting railway pictures from Capital Country!

A Great Escape!

In the summer of 2011 I had my first real holiday for some years, and in view of the mileage I covered and the trains & railways I saw I think it can fairly be called A Great Escape!

Diesel Daze!

I've attended a number of diesel events at preserved railways over the years, and you too can see pictures from those Diesel Daze!

King Coal!

Pictures of coal Trains? Obviously yes! But not just anywhere, and not exclusively pictures of coal trains either. This section is for pictures from the times I went out to film coal trains in, to, and from the Kingdom Of Fife - which if it ever had had a railway freight motto, it would surely have been King Coal!

Special Delivery!

In fact this section covers not just special deliveries but special railway workings of all kinds. But I like the title Special Delivery!

Open Doors!

See my pictures from the days when depots and locomotive works declare Open Doors!

Funnel Vision!

It's a bit of a corny title (albeit one that made me laugh when I thought of it), but I have gathered together some of my best pictures of steam locomotives in action in a section called Funnel Vision!

Scottish Central!

The Scottish Central main line through Stirling acts like a spine to connect the west of Scotland to the north, but hasn't featured as often on these pages as you might expect. Until now! See some of my pictures of the Scottish Central!

Bus Travels!

Not all my pictures are of railways, or of my own preservation efforts either for that matter. This section is for an assortment of bus pictures, to which I have given the title Bus Travels!

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