The Severn Valley Railway

Day 3 of my 2011 holiday was potentially the most daunting of the whole trip, since I planned to explore the Severn Valley Railway. As one of the longest and most successful preserved railways in the UK, there was going to be a lot to see, and I was in doubt that I would 'do it justice'.

Well I still don't know if I have, but I've had a really good try! On this page are the 117 best pictures taken from the 465 esnaps (digital snaps) and vsnaps (stills from video footage) covering my visit. And it took some time and a bit of soul searching to whittle it down that far... :-)

1. On the way in, there was a helpful list of stations...


2. old-fashioned station forecourt...


3. ...a concourse which apart from the people in it looks like a pre-war station ought to look...


4. ...although Kiddeminster Town station only dates from about 1984, and it's concourse from 2006!


5. Anyway here is a view of one of the platforms where coach shunting was in progress...


6. ...with a fully formed train sitting in the other one to form the service I planned to catch.


7. A look back at the station buildings and concourse from the platforms.


8. To do coach shunting, you need a coach pilot!


9. And to haul a long passenger train, a big locomotive helps. This one is 9F No 92212.


10. A closer view of 92212.


11. D3022 aka 08015 for those who can't translate shunter no into TOPS in their head. (Which includes me - I had to look it up!)


12. D3022 hauls the coaches out...


13. ... and shunts them back into the empty platform.


14. Departing Kiddeminster Town behind 92212.


15. Kiddeminster diesel sidings...


16. ...and a large new-looking coach maintenance shed.


17. Another view of the diesel sidings.


18. The station throat at Kiddeminster extends right to the end of the coach shed.


19. Approaching Bewdley.


20. PW sidings?


21. Still approaching Bewdley, past a siding that is well ballasted!


22. My first view of Bewdley station.


23. Bewdley station doesn't have a covered locomotive shed, but is clearly a locomotive depot, and a busy one at that! 42968 was one of two locomotives in steam, and although I didn't know it at the time, I would travel behind it later in the day.


24. Bewdley station itself.


25. And another view of the platforms at Bewdley from my train as it drew up at the far end of the platform.


26. And of course I should include a view of the platform my train was in!


27. Departing Bewdley behind 92212.


28. Between Bewdley and Arley.


29. Between Bewdley and Arley.


30. Arriving at Arley.


31. Arley Station


32. Departing Arley station.


33. Arriving At Highley station.


34. Arriving At Highley station.


35. The train I had travelled on at Highley station.


36. The train I had travelled on leaving Highley station.


37. 'The Engine House' display hall at Highley from the outside.


38. Locomotive on display in 'The Engine House'.


39. Locomotive on display in 'The Engine House'.


40. Locomotive on display in 'The Engine House'.


41. Locomotive on display in 'The Engine House'.


42. Locomotive on display in 'The Engine House'.


43. Locomotive on display in 'The Engine House'.


44. Locomotive on display in 'The Engine House'.


45. Locomotive on display in 'The Engine House'.


46. General view of the inside of 'The Engine House' at Highley.


47. D8059 approaching Highley.


48. D8059 approaching Highley.


49. D8059 enters one of the loops at Highley station.


50. D8059 buffers up to a couple of wagons in a loop at Highley.


51. Side-on view of D8059 in the loop at Highley.


52. GWR 5064 arrives on a train at Highley station.


53. GWR 5064 & D8059.


54. GWR 5064 close-up.


55. GWR 5064 is hauling LNER teak coaches, and they go surprisingly well together!


56. Arriving at Bewdley behind GWR 5064 in the LNER coach set.


57. And my next train was hauled by ex-LMS 42968, which I had seen in the MPD area at Bewdley earlier, and used the coaches I had seen being shunted by D3022 at Kiddeminster! This view from the Bewdley footbridge of course.


58. A view of Bewdley station in the other direction from the footbridge showing the LNER coaches again.


59. Departing Bewdley again. Actually in my rush to take pictures from the Bewdley footbridge and go down the other side to catch this train I hadn't really noticed which locomotive and wasn't even entirely sure about it's wheel arrangement!


60. The train was a fairly long one for a 2-6-0, however well-maintained, but I was fooled into thinking I was behind a bigger engine as it didn't seem to have much trouble anywhere on the journey to Bridgenorth. This picture is from somewhere between Bewdley and Highley.


61. Back at Highley station and unsurprisingley D8059 is still there.


62. A better view of D8059, which has clearly been sent to fetch these wagons and is waiting for a chance to head back the way it came. Would look much more prototypical with a brake-van in the formation though!


63. Departing Highley I discovered that the SVR have a tamper. Not an up to date one, but if it is in working order it's a very useful piece of kit to have!


64. 42968 between Highley and Hampton Loade.


65. 42968 between Highley and Hampton Loade.


66. 42968 between Highley and Hampton Loade.


67. We passed 92212 at Hampton Lode on it's return journey to Kiddeminster.


68. 42968 between Hampton Loade and Bridgenorth.


69. 42968 between Hampton Loade and Bridgenorth.


70. Arriving at Bridgenorth.


71. Arriving at Bridgenorth.


72. Bridgenorth shed, with the fifth engine I had seen in steam at the SVR. There's not many preserved railways about that can have three steam-hauled trains running at once and have at least two other engines in steam and also run a diesel 'goods' working as well. And yet this was an ordinary Wednesday in summer!


73. Another view of Bridgenorth shed.


74. Now for a high-up view of the station at Bridgenorth.


75. 42968 detaches from the train I had arrived on...


76. ...runs through the other platform...


77. ...alllowing me to film it close-up...


78. it went past and away from me...


79. ... out into the station throat...


80. ...and then onto Bridgenorth shed...


81. ... doubtless heading for the coal and water supplies!


82. 42968 on Bridgenorth shed.


83. A view of the end of the line at Bridgenorth.


84. If 42968 could go for refreshment so could I, so the next picture is from a little bit later when 42968 headed back out from the shed...


85. ...and back onto the coaches.


86. Ready to go!


87. A view back down the station platform at Bridgenorth prior to departure.


88. And we're away. 42968 is clearly working hard to get the train moving, but move we certainly did!


89. Next stop Hampton Lodae station, and unsurprisingly we passed GWR 5164 and the LNER coaches on their way back to Bridgenorth.


90. Between Hampton Loade and Highley.


91. There was a surprise waiting at Highley, where GWR 7812, last seen 'on shed' at Bewdley with 42968, was waiting in one of the loops for a path to head for Bridgenorth. No doubt the SVR had a good reason for this working! but I don't know what it was!


92. Deaprting Highley.


93. 42968 starts the train at Ardley station...


94. ...pollutes the underside of the bridge there...


95. ...with the smoke left behind as the train accelerates away!


96. Back at Bewdley and 92212 is waiting patiently for us to arrive.


97. Preserved wagons at Bewdley.


98. With two locos out and about, Bewdley 'shed' was reduced to a single parked loco, and DMU. Ex-LMS 46443 seemed likely to stay there however as it didn't appear to be in steam.


99. Last view of Bewdley 'shed' as my train departs.


100. Despite the lack of a brake-van, D8059 had made it as far as Bewdley, and was parked at the south end.


101. For some reason the filming I did on the approaches to Kiddeminster reasulted in pictures that have a flaw in one corner, but I have included a couple just to prove that I did have the camera on. 42968 heading into Kiddeminster past the coach shed...


102. ...and into the throat of the station.


103. 42968 detaches from the train at Kiddeminster Town station...


104. ...heads down past the release crossover...


105. ...and didn't go anywhere! The next train wasn't scheduled to depart for a while and the crew clearly were happy to park close to the station building.


106. In fact after waiting a while to see it run round, I gave up and spent some time (& money) in the visitor shop, and had then made it into the car park before the run-round go under way, but the fence wasn't too high to stop me filming it anyway.


107. 42968 passes me...


108. ...and heads down the loop...


109. ...and stopped at the water column. Thirsty work, hauling trains!


110. Meanwhile D3022 was back in action. It had already 'sneaked in' and stolen most of the train when I wasn't looking (moving it to the other platform), and was now collecting the rest, which was presumably staying behind, albeit parked elsewhere.


111. Another view of D3022 from a different angle, this time actually showing the coaches in the other platform.


112. It's thirst quenched, 42968 heads out into the station throat. Meanwhile D8059 has arrived from Bewdley and is waiting outside the station.


113. 42968 is almost out of sight as it shunts right across...


114. ...prior to coming back in...


115. attach to it's train


116. And finally D8059 was able to head in...


117. ...and park near where I was standing down at the end of the car park.


And since I had a longish drive to my next hotel and 42968 wasn't yet due to depart, I felt it was time to leave...

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