The North Norfolk Railway

After a busy time followed by a longish drive the day before, I was in the mood for something just a bit more relaxing on day 4 of my holiday. I had originally decided to go and have a look at the North Norfolk Railway because I had seen the occasional picture of it and thought it would be an interesting place to visit, but would it be less hectic?

Well I arrived at Holt station with a train already waiting in the station and more than enough time for me to catch it...

1. The sign at the end (or start) of the line!


2. And the actual view from the end of the line showing the train I planned to catch in the distance...


3. a bit of zoom helps!


4. On board the train and departing Holt. Although you can't tell in this picture, I had the good fortune to have, entirely coincidentally, a BR 9F locomotive on my first working of the day for the second day running, in this case 922303 'Black Prince'.


5. Holt signal-box.


6. Holt station yard had a fun fair in it, whether as a permanent fixture or for a one-off event I couldn't tell.


7. Some stock stored in the station headshunt...


8. ...including a resident shunting locomotive (actually Class 03 D2051).


9. Holt seems to be the site of the NNR coach sheds, although the state of the track suggests they might be used for restoration and storage, rather than day to day operations.


10. 92203 between Holt and Kelling Heath Park stations.


11. 92203 between Holt and Kelling Heath Park stations.


12. Arriving at Kelling Heath Park station.


13. 92203 approaching Weybourne station.


14. At Weybourne station the other train operating that day was already waiting. The train engine is ex-GWR & London Transport pannier tank L99.


15. In Weybourne station, which is adjacent to the main locomotive shed of the railway. Can't see much yet...


16. ...but a much better view was had when we set out again! Firstly a view of D6737 (37037)...


17. ...then a view of 47367 and 20118,,,


18. ...then a reverse angle view of 47367 again and also a BR Leyland railbus...


19. ...then another view of 20118.


20. Next up was a view of an unnumbered Class 25, which I tweeted later in the day as being the 'Identification Challenge of the Day'! Of course it wasn't too hard to work out that it was 25057, since that is based at the NNR, but I thought it a good joke at the time!


21. Parked on top of the Class 25 was another shunter, this time Class 11 No 11231, and next to it was a DMU.


22. A reverse view of the locomotive sheds at Weybourne, showing another DMU (or possibly a railbus) as well as other rolling stock. Alas the sheds weren't open to the public, or I might have been tempted to stop off for a look!


23. You never know what you will find in the headshunt of a preserved railway, and this was a bit unexpected! According to the NNR website it is an 'ex-Balfour Beattie Track Renewal And Maintenance Machine'. Either I am getting old or things enter preservation at much younger ages than they used to!


24. On with the journey, and 92203 heads from Weybourne to Sheringham.


25. 92203 approaches the outskirts of Sheringham...


26. ...crosses over a road...


27. ...and enters the throat of the station.


28. Approaching Sheringham station platform two more shunters can be seen...


29. ...the first of which is Class 04 D2280.


30. 92203 enters the station platform at Sheringham, passing D3340 (08772) on the way in.


31. Journeys end at Sheringham station. But visible in the distance...


32. a modern unit in the other Sheringham station!


33. 92203 at Sheringham, although it proved difficult to get a good picture on a crowded platform. What I needed was for it to move...


34. ...which it soon did!


35. 92203 shunts into the short neck at the end of the line.


36. 92203 running round. the other platform...


37. 92203 running round.


38. 92203 running round.


39. 92203 running round.


40. The view from the end of the line at Sheringham, showing the beautifully restored station buildings.


41. And of course I have to include a closer view of the end of the line and the level-crossing that has recently given the NNR a main-line connection.


42. While I was taking the last couple of pictures 92203 had been running round and was now getting ready to depart with its train, as can be seen here.


43. However there was more than enough time for me to walk up the other platform and get ready to film 92230 departing.


44. Mind you, it kept me waiting, so I just kept taking pictures like this one!


45. And we have a departure! 92203 gets under way in a very business-like manner...


46. ...and unsurprisingly has not trouble getting up to speed with a mere 5 coaches!


47. With the tain hauled by 92203 disappearing into the distance here is a view of the station throat from the end of the platform...


48. ...and swinging the camcorder round shows the station and the signal-box without a train in the way.


49. I moved down past the signal box so that I could get much the same view but with the coaches in the bay platform visible too...


50. ... and zooming in a little gave me a really nice view of the station buildings.


51. There was an ex-LNER coach in fresh BR maroon livery at the inner end of the bay platform.


52. And I couldn't resist yet another picture of the Sheringham station buildings!


53. And yet another picture of the station.


54. I had lunch in the station, but alas while I was eating the heavens opened, and L99 arrived and had run round before I risked getting my camcorder out again. So this picture of L99 has a rather wet look to it...


55. ...and this one isn't a lot better!


56. A side-on picture of D3340 was tempting, but the heavy rain is quite visible!


57. A typical British seaside resort station of yesteryear in the rain? Well if one ignores the London Transport livery and number on the locomotive, then yes!


58. Onboards and ready to depart.


59. Chuff, chuff? Yes, that friendly tank engine noise was there, albeit a bit muffled by the rain.


60. L99 departs Sheringham.


61. A better view of D3340, taken just because I could!


62. And L99 heads out into the Sheringham station throat.


63. With such wet weather, my attempts to film on the way to Weybourne didn't vome out well, so this next picture is (I think) of the inside of the signal box at Weybourne.


64. A view from Weybourne station footbridge of L99 and it's train waiting for 92203 to arrive back from Holt.


65. In the other direction the lineup of parked diesels can be seen along with the end of the station platforms.


66. Zooming in a bit gives a much better view of what I described in a Tweet that evening as the 'Diesel Depot Of The Day'...


67. ...but zooming further only really gives a great view of 20118, which isn't even in my favourite livery! :-)


68. Soon after 92203 arrived back...


69. ...and drew right up to the platform end.


70. Departing Weybourne behind 92203 for the second time, and here is a closer view of 6737 (37037) withit's paint looking very dark in the poor light conditions.


71. At first glance it looks like the steam heating on a diesel is leaking (as usual), but neither a 20 or a 47/3 has a boiler and the steam is provided courtesy of 92203. Very atmospheric picture though!


72. The bright red solebar of 20118 is positively glowing, as bright colours often do in pictures taken in bad light conditions.


73. A better looking loco altogether! Not only because it's my favorite livery, but because a fresh coat of BR Blue doesn't vary much in appearance in just about any light conditions.


74. And a better shot of 12131. Well actually a better shot of the pouring rain with a shunter in the background!


75. And the inevitable reverse angle of the sidings and locomotive sheds at Weybourne, taken in case it showed something I had missed before.


76. Alas the heavy rain wasn't really suitable for using a camcorder, so I then sat back and enjoyed the trip to Sheringham followed by the return journey all the way back to Holt. So yes, the day was a lot less hectic overall than the one before! To finish I have included a couple of 'parting shots' that I took showing 92203 doing its running round at Holt...


77. ...before I got in my car and drove off. Despite the rain, I had had a very good time and if I get the chance will make a return visit there someday. (Mind you, web page text is cheap and fuel is expensive! :-)


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