Diesel Daze!

Since my friends and I are diesel preservationists ourselves, it will come as no surprise that we have visited diesel events at preserved railways. What might be surprising is that we aren't great travellers and thus most of the diesel events we have attended are at the Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway, but of course, being preservationists ourselves, time and money are usually in very short supply! However we have occasionally visited events elsewhere and, by adding pictures from these events to some of my best pictures from Bo'ness, I have no shortage of material for this section.

In fact, when sorting through pictures and camcorder footage (and anticipating that this section would undoubtedly grow in the future) it turned out I might well have a bit too much material for a single section of my photo album, and thus had to work out what not to include! Hence you will not even find pictures of mixed-traction events in this section - just diesels!!!

Rest Cure!

A lazy day out watching the trains go by... Pity I was unwell when I filmed The Bo'ness Diesel Day On 3/9/00

The East Lancs Diesel Week 2003

In 2003 a friend of mine and I spent a couple of days taking in part of The East Lancs Diesel Week 2003

The Bo'ness Diesel Day On 6/9/03

Without a working camcorder, and reduced to taking esnaps with a mediocre low-res camera - it's amazing I have anything to show you at all from The Bo'ness Diesel Day On 6/9/03


My second visit to the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway for a diesel day, but the first from which I have any pictures! See my vsnaps of The L&HR Spring Diesel Event 2004

A Golden Day Out In Winter!

We often attend diesel events at Bo'ness, and have occasionally gone there in one of our preserved buses, but this time we were there to run a shuttle bus service! As well as enjoying ourselves at the The Bo'ness Class 37 Golden Jubilee Diesel Event 2011

Return Of The Prodigal!

The 2012 Bo'ness diesel event promised to be much more interesting than usual due to featuring 26038 returning to Scotland for the first time in preservation. Oh and the event was to be on for two and a half days rather than just one! Alas I was every bit as busy as usual so I was only able to go for two half days, but I made a point of going on the Friday evening as it was to feature 26038 All Evening!

Having had a great time on the Friday evening, it was back to actually DOING preservation on the Saturday & Sunday. But we don't have a set starting time I felt I could start a bit later than usual late on the Sunday allowing me to sample the first few trains of the day at Bo'ness, and still get some work done! So on the Sunday I attended Half A Diesel Day!

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