A Wet Day Out!

It really was a simple plan at first - I had a couple of days off at the end of a week, and rather than just go to Methil to do preservation work for four days, I decided to treat myself to a day in Edinburgh to see the progress of the tram construction work in Princes Street, and doubtless visit Waverley station and Craigentinny as well. And since traffic in Edinburgh just gets worse and worse, I decided while driving down the M9 on Thursday 27th August 2009 that I would park at a station and hop on a train into Waverley. First stop was South Gyle - car park full. I then drove to Slateford and parked near the station - next train in about 50 mins...

So I gave up and drove to the Castle Terrace multi-storey car park, resigning myself to probably paying more than the return train fare! And by the time I got there, the heavens had opened and I ended up trudging through the centre of Edinburgh in torrential rain which wasn't supposed to arrive until LATE afternoon!

However despite all this I saw the tram construction work, got a nice overhead view of the west throat of Waverley station, saw a parked Class 37 at Craigentinny depot, and I even stopped off on the way home to have a look at Newbridge Junction, which I hadn't seen since it was rebuilt for the doubling of the line to Bathgate. And since the rain wasn't torrential all the time at first and even slackened off later in the afternoon, I have a selection of pictures of all of these which you can see on this page!

1. Tramworks in Princes Street


2. Tramworks in Princes Street


3. Tramworks in Princes Street


4. Tramworks in Princes Street


5. Tramworks in Princes Street


6. Tramworks in Princes Street


7. The west end throat of Waverley Station


8. The west end throat of Waverley Station


9. The west end throat of Waverley Station


10. The west end throat of Waverley Station


11. The west end throat of Waverley Station


12. 37676 at Craigentinny Depot


13. 37676 at Craigentinny Depot


14. Craigentinny Depot


15. Craigentinny Depot


16. Craigentinny Depot


17. Craigentinny Depot


18. 37676 at Craigentinny Depot


19. Craigentinny Depot


20. Craigentinny Depot


21. Craigentinny Depot


22. Craigentinny Depot


23. Craigentinny Depot


24. Craigentinny Depot


25. Craigentinny Depot


26. 37676 at Craigentinny Depot


27. 37676 at Craigentinny Depot


28. 37676 at Craigentinny Depot


29. 37676 at Craigentinny Depot


30. 37676 at Craigentinny Depot


31. 37676 at Craigentinny Depot


32. 37676 at Craigentinny Depot


33. Newbridge Junction


34. Newbridge Junction


35. Newbridge Junction


36. Newbridge Junction


37. Newbridge Junction



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