20905 At Craigentinny

On 5th August 2008 a Class 20 was reported as heading north hauling an HST power car (now known as Class 43, although I still at times think of them as Classes 253/4!) to Edinburgh Craigentinny for repairs. Now that would be interesting enough in itself, but when I looked up the original identity of the locomotive I discovered that it was D8025, later 20225, which started its career as a Haymarket locomotive and which stayed there (on paper!) until the 1980s.

Obviously I would have liked to go and see it, but I can't just drop everything and jump into my car as I have to work for a living! However it turned out that 20905 was staying until the repairs were done so that it could haul the power car back south, so in the early evening of the 13th August 2008, the day before it left, I drove through to Edinburgh to see if I could get some pictures of it. And it turned out that it was parked in a good location for photography, so here are the best of the pictures I took that night, showing 20905 from several angles.




















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