Capital Country!

A slightly naff title, but fairly appropriate for a section of my photo album covering assorted sets of pictures from the Edinburgh area!

A Sunday At Waverley

On Sunday 21st April 2002 a friend and I were in Edinburgh, and a stop off at Waverley station to see what was there was inevitable. See what we found there in A Sunday At Waverley

Return Of The Prodigal!

In August 2008 a former Haymarket Class 20 made a rare return visit to the Edinburgh area for a week or so. And before it left to return south, I caught up with it, and took some pictures of 20905 at Craigentinny

A Wet Day Out!

A day off work, a trip to Edinburgh, a weather forecast of dry weather in the east of Scotland until the late afternoon, A Wet Day Out!

Seen By Accident!

I stopped off with a couple of friends at Dalmeny station on 23/5/10 to take a quick look round and take a few pictures. But we soon noticed a green signal, and soon after that I was able to film an Engineering Train At Dalmeny

Windy Day at The 'Pans!

On 23/2/12 I had a day off and decided to go to the ECML near Edinburgh to film the 'Torness Flasks' which were running that day, plus anything else that came by. But I hadn't bargained on standing waiting for more than two hours on what turned out to be a Windy Day at The 'Pans!

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