JCB3CIII MSC103T Under Restoration

This page shows the only two pictures I currently have available of MSC103T being restored in 1997-8


1. This first of picture shows the MSC103T under restoration during 1997, and shows it after it had been thoroughly cleaned, primed and undercoated. The most noticeable feature is that the original cab had been replaced by a crude roll-cage topped by the old cab roof. We bought the JCB both as a working machine, and also as a preservation item as we are both keen on preserving plant, but as with most plant, by the time we can afford it it needs a heck of a lot of work done to restore it!


2. Another shot from 1997, taken originally as a joke since it shows two of my friends 'beheaded' as they paint the front bucket of the machine. When we got it the JCB was in a fairly sad state, with almost no electrics working, a slow oil leak and loose pins in the back arm joints, not to mention the missing cab! On the other hand the engine was reliable, the hydraulic driver & gearbox worked and all the hydraulic rams went in and out, so it was a running machine from the day it arrived at Methil!



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