JCB vs 'Black Diamonds'

We are always looking for things to use our JCB for, as sitting idle for long periods of time is bad for it, and so when the coal loader belonging to the lorry company we rent space from broke down, we were happy to help load their 'black diamonds' for them!


1. This first picture shows Alistair scooping up a full front bucket of the stuff!


2. Having backed out of the coal 'bunker', Alistair is now turning to head for the slope up to the hopper.


3. Bucket raised high to be above the height of the bunker,Alistair charges up the slope!


4. A side-on view of the JCB just about to drop the coal. Being February, Alistair is wrapped up warm, as our home-made cab isn't all that warm in winter...


5. Away it goes!


6. A view at right angles to the last one showing the next load of coal being dropped. The roof in the foreground shelters the coal delivery lorry from rain and stray lumps of coal.


7. A side-on view from the other side, just after Alistair has dropped yet more coal. The hopper is starting to look quite full now!


8. After the last load, Alistair backs down the slope after finishing the loading - Job Done!



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