In 1997 a friend of mine found and bought (at an admirably low cost) a 1970's JCB 3CIII that had been used (and modified) by a yacht club in Fife, and was happy to let me have a small share in it. It wasn't in a very good condition, but we put a lot of work in over the course of a year or so, and restored it to full working order, and have managed to keep it that way. Despite some non-standard features, it's (almost) always ready to go and is one tough piece of plant!

Starting The Restoration

I don't have any pictures available of our JCB before my friend moved it to Methil, but here are a couple of pictures taken fairly early on in the restoration, showing it The JCB Being Restored.

MSC103T After Restoration

Once we had finished the main restoration work in 1998 we picked a sunny day and posed our JCB up for some pictures. See MSC103T Ready For Action !

Our JCB vs 'Black Diamonds'

Our JCB is stored in the yard of a company that also sells coal, and when the machine that loaded their bagging hopper broke down, we were happy to help out! Here are a few pictures I took of our JCB vs 'Black Diamonds' . (Guess who won!)

JCB To The Rescue!

You wouldn't think a JCB would be at all suitable for 'rescuing' our preserved railway rolling stock from Methil Power Station, but in September 2002 the stock was trapped there. Time to send the JCB To The Rescue! (OK I'm exaggerating, but why spoil a good title!)

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