MPD253, The Last Y-Type Tiger Cub?

Having bought & done up an ex-Midland Recovery Vehicle, I couldn't resist the chance just over a year later to buy (along with two friends) an intact ex-Midland Y-Type Tiger Cub. At first glance it doesn't look all that special, but there is more to this 'small cat' than meets the eye. This section contains esnaps & vsnaps of MPD253, taken since we bought it.

Bringing The 'Small Cat' To Methil

As usual in preservation, the price doesn't include delivery, and in this case, it wasn't possible just to jump in and drive the Tiger Cub to Methil. Fortunately it (just) fitted on the semi-low loader we hired, so here is the story in pictures about Moving MPD253 To Methil !


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